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FWPI Editorial: Trending Wave Of Ignorance In Nigeria And The Need For Urgent Awakening

 FWPI Editorial: Trending Wave Of Ignorance In Nigeria And The Need For Urgent Awakening The diverse ethnic nationalities entrapped in this ...

 FWPI Editorial: Trending Wave Of Ignorance In Nigeria And The Need For Urgent Awakening

The diverse ethnic nationalities entrapped in this British colony called Nigeria, are presently convulsing and living in strigent dilemma. The most pathetic of it all, is the rate at which some of them, are quite ignorant of their fate. It has been comparatively, an experience of a lamb helplessly waiting to be slaughtered.

In this part of Africa, it is a cherishable practice or culture, to slaughter animals of choice even at will, for whatever event or consumption. Usually, when such a "marked animal" is placed for killing, some feeds are provided for it as the last meal of consolation before death. And being ignorant of what would soon befall it, well sharpened knife or cutlass is placed on its throat and slitted. It is killed and every other thing needed to be done afterwards, ensues.

The citizens of Nigeria, are all currently at a point of no return. There is no right of choice and Nigerians are being made to grapple with whatever consequences of actions and policies that are placed before them. And most unfortunately, majority seem gravely ignorant of the "meal", prepared and served before them. The powers that be, have blatantly taken it upon themselves, to make slaves and sacrificial lambs of their fellow human beings because of assumed privileges at their disposal.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has repeatedly been calling on all the Nigerian citizens to brace up to the daunting challenges staring them in the face. He has consistently alarmed that the people should arise and place demand for their rights of freedom from the yoke of the slavery of One-Nigerianism. Those who are knowledgeable, reasonable and unpleased with the spate of retrogression that is ravaging the country. Those who are completely detestful to the fulanization cum islamization agenda of the caliphate run Nigeria government. It is really amazing to note that all the warnings have however, fallen on deaf ears. 

There was this man who sometimes ago, stated on the social media, that Nigeria will keep evolving until a truly servant-leader of a President, eventually emerges. This position alone, vividly shows that many people even the so-called educated, still lack the sense of the looming danger. Those being hoped on to bring about the required changes, are well engrossed in paying allegiance to the Fulani oligarchy. This is how Nigeria was fundamentally structured to function and it is most disappointing. The control of power lies in the hands of these Fulanis and they reliquinsh such to whosoever they wish. This is yet the main reason why votes do not count during and after elections. They willfully manipulate positions to their preferred slave candidates against the popular wishes of the people. And amidst all these, the dangers are not yet being spotted.

Nigeria is a conglomeration of different ethnic groups with divergent value systems and beliefs. And for one to single-handedly have others subdued, is not just only detestable but totally suicidal. This is clearly what should be understood. The voice of reason has to be listened to and allowed to prevail. The IPOB driven freedom struggle for many years now, is not for the benefit of Biafrans only, but for the entirety of Africans where things should be humanely carried out. Where lives are valued as sacred and human rights of citizens duly accorded respect. The Fulanis, taking over national political offices, military/police commands as well as every other major institutions of influence with reckless abandon, is to say the least, unacceptable and must be jettisoned. 

 Such a policy breeds corruption and retrogression. The people have to be awakened to the glaring realities of the time. To completely conquer everyone is the sole agenda of the Fulanis. They do not give a hoot regarding whatever anybody's culture or tradition is. All their intentions revolve around swallowing up all the religious beliefs and cultures of others. This, they craftily execute whether overtly or covertly, in their mad drive to overrun ancestral lands, obliterate everything and take over.

It is no longer secretive that these Islamic jihadists marauding with killing and destrictive instincts are for any form of cordial co-existence nor are they given to tolerate any shred of opposition. Nigerians must therefore, fully understand that keeping mute in the face of these brazen acts of impunity and aggression, will never in anyway, guarantee them, the needed safety and security. The only veritable option is to courageously stand up for their rights and face realities. They must arise in response to IPOB's alarm of many years, to fight for the preservation of their ancestral homes/lands or better still, remain indifferent and die in perpetual slavery under these marauding Islamic killers and ursurpers from the Sahel.

Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Editor, Family Writers Press International.


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