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Nigeria At 61: Celebration Of Failure

 Nigeria At 61: Celebration Of Failure Independence celebration is the time a people celebrate sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood...

 Nigeria At 61: Celebration Of Failure

Independence celebration is the time a people celebrate sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood, freedom, liberty, self-direction and exemption from arbitrary control. But as Nigeria celebrates her 61 years of independence, which of these things listed above do the people have around?

Is Nigeria celebrating comfortable livelihood of citizens or what? Looking at the country, one will see brutality, inhumanity, pitilessness, barbarism, ferocity and turbulence on being contended with by the citizenry. Look at the faces of the people today and you will see desperation, despondency, anger and agitation. It is written all over. Not one of Nigeria citizens will be proud of how comfortable he/she really has been. Those who are proud of being Nigerians, are politicians who live large on the economy. They comfortably drain the country, leaving  it on life support for the poor masses.

Nigerians everywhere are unsafe. Walking on the road, you may fall into the potholes that litter the main roads if not out rightly killed by unknown gun men or the terrorists. On waterways, angry avengers will waste your precious life. By air, the Nigerian Airforce will shoot at you and if you stay at home, Fulani killer herdsmen may burn you alive. Just like what Fola Ojo said: “Nigeria’s many problems are obvious. We smell them in the air as we breathe, they are encountered on airplanes as we fly, and they are present in the waters that flow down our esophagus into our stomach linings. We taste them in the food we eat down to our digestive tracts. 

Our problems daily, wait for us on the roads we travel and in our public schools that function like toilets. Nigeria difficulties are neither too difficult to see nor intangible to touch by our sensate fingers”. By disparity, Nigeria has deteriorated and declined from being at par with countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan or South Korea, of which it was at par, at independence in 1960. It has so degenerated to a complete Zoo Republic and a Terrorist Entity where monkeys and baboons are soaked with blood like Somalia and Afghanistan. In terms of socio-economic standards of living and security of lives and properties of her citizenry, it is a country of gross uncertainty and impoverishment.

Nigeria is sixty one (61) years and her citizens are still drinking in the same pot with cows; her children still stay under a mango tree to receive lectures, at 61, animal pens are more and better equipped than Nigerian universities, adults still shout up NEPAAA!, in excitement that power has been restored. At 61, Nigeria cannot boast of producing toothpick, a pencils or even clean water. At 61, Nigeria is still crawling. At 61 years, Nigeria is still a crippled giant, at 61 years, Nigerian politicians are still proud promising good roads, good pipe borne water as their electoral promises. At 61 years old, mosquitoes still feast on Nigeria citizens, malnutrition is still mesmerizing her citizens, at 61 years, many still doubt their ingenuity as the citizens of the country.

It is really baffling what Nigerians celebrated on  Friday1st October, 2021. Is it the defeat of Nigeria by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists? Was it a celebration of the country being the Headquarters of poverty in black Africa?

For sure, Nigeria and Nigerians should be reeling in shame after 61 years or retrogressive independence. The country has become a derogatory description of the most corrupt person in the world today. In most cases, seeing a Nigerian, is seeing corruption or a terrorist. Nigeria is only good at killing and devastating her citizens, the country is good in producing political harlots, terrorists, political vampires and touts. At 61 years old, Nigeria is still struggling to survive, at 61, Nigeria still practice open grazing. What a shame!

At 61 years, Nigeria’s economy is heading for the greatest recession in Africa due to corruption, incompetence and the inability to save for a rainy day. Her impoverished and impecunious leaders are busy ripping off its life.

What exactly did Nigerians celebrate?

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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