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Nigeria: For 50 Years They Manipulated The East Until The Birth Of IPOB

 Nigeria: For 50 Years They Manipulated The East Until The Birth Of IPOB  The country is gone. Those looking for who to arrest for saying we...

 Nigeria: For 50 Years They Manipulated The East Until The Birth Of IPOB 

The country is gone. Those looking for who to arrest for saying we should peacefully accept referendum and decide by ourselves if we should divide or stay together are arresting the true patriots. They are the real problem ravaging the country. The country did not start today to head towards hell, it started when Nigeria Government decided not to heed to the advice of Philip Effiong which asked the Nigeria government to "treat the surrendering Biafrans well or risk their children rising again". Instead of Nigeria government to welcome Biafrans as their fellow country men, they barred them from attaining certain positions in the country. They incapacitated them and never gave them a level playing ground. This led to institutionalization of injustice and marginalization. And also opened the door to corruption.

There is every need to keep Biafrans in check, so the leaders of Nigeria decided to manipulate leadership in Ìgbòland. 'We must decide who becomes a governor, Senator or president of Ohanaeze in Igbo land, as to lead them indirectly. We must divide them, select some among those of them that say they are not Igbo and use them as agents of division. We must not allow them speak with one voice, nor let them take charge of their destiny. We must keep manipulating and dividing them. That's the sole plan of those that inherited Nigeria after the civil war.

These plans did nothing other than divide the country the more. Did they succeed in manipulating East using those they called leaders? Yes! Did it backfire? Yes!

For more than 50 years, Eastern leaders have been serving the Fulani Oligarchy. For them to win election, they must be loyal to the Fulani, and being loyal to the Fulani is standing against the collective interests of the East.

For an Eastern leader to win elections, he has to agree not to protect his people. He has to keep quiet even when bombs are thrown on his people. That's the only garranty he has to become a vice president. All these years it appears they are succeeding until the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The last effort made by the true owners of Nigeria, the Fulani Oligarchy was the illegal removal of Gov Emeka Ihedioha and replacing him with a Fulani stooge in the person of Hope Uzodimma. Another was the imposition of George Obiozo as the Ohanaeze President. This has been the way the Fulani has been manipulating ndị Igbo. But it is not only about the Igbo. They also have their hands in every part of Biafra Land. The Ijaw, Efik, Ogoni, Urhobo etc are all under the same manipulation. Whoever rises to liberate his people, they bribe and those they can't bribe they kill. It was when they noticed that they can no longer bribe or manipulate Ken Saro-Wiwa into working against his people that they killed him, using dirty manipulative Nigeria judiciary.

Some that rose up as liberators of their own people have been bought over by giving them a humiliating contracts as low as being an oil pipeline guards. Imagine owners of the oil being given a contract to guard pipelines, while those that doesn't own anything living large as the controlling managers in the Oil department. You are being manipulated. That's why you hear most of them speaking against anything that will bring salvation for Biafra. That's why some of them are against any group that is determined enough to bring salvation to their own people. You see them pick on trivial things, while they say nothing about the dangers facing their people in the hands of Fulani herdsmen terrorists. They are mules among their people.

Eastern leaders are products of many years of manipulation. The country headed to desaster immediately her leaders decided to manipulate a part of the country as to keep them down and manipulated. For it is a matter of time and the people you are holding down will rise up. So am telling you today that those that destroyed Nigeria are those that pampers terrorists and recruits them into the military. They are them that pays Fulani herdsmen to stop killing, instead of confronting the terrorists. The destroyers are them that will gladly open fire at protesting youths waving Nigeria Flag at #Lekkitollgate leading to #LekkiMassacre but will not attack Bandits kidnapping and killing people. Destroyers of Nigeria are them that will attack #ESN whose job is to protect farmers in Eastern Bushes, but will be negotiating with killer bandits and Fulani herdsmen terrorists. 

They are same people that thinks it is right to occupy people's forest and convert it to their settlement. They are the reason people are rising up to say enough is enough. They are the reason Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is demanding freedom for his people. Unfortunately for the oppressors, the people of the East have risen up to reject the stooges they are using to manipulate the people. Today, the people don't regard any governor or Senator. They are every day waiting for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to lead and direct them. Even those that spoke against him and Biafra freedom are today his greatest fans. You don't blame people for reacting, blame the cause for which they are reacting.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2020

Published by Family Writers Press International.

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