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Referendum For A Determined People

 Referendum For A Determined People The current dissatisfaction of Nigerians and the call for self-determination resulted from the abuse of ...

 Referendum For A Determined People

The current dissatisfaction of Nigerians and the call for self-determination resulted from the abuse of power and the people's mandate over the years. A revolution is imminent, various mass actions planned are in place, everyone knows this except the Buhari led Fulani dominated government and those benefiting from the corrupt system. The political class over time, abused their positions against the youths and the Eastern part of Nigeria for both personal and political gains. The calls for resistance resonated with large sections of the society in support more than against. The end is close.

The government now understands that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is the voice of the people who over the years, have been subdued and restricted economically and otherwise. Living in hardship due to mismanagement by political and violent religious leaders in Nigeria are now being challenged and they wonder why the people have lost confidence. The devastating outcome of this gross negligence is what Nigeria is presently experiencing.

People without compulsion, now sit at home, to express their dissatisfaction over the violation of human rights especially that which concerns Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They have also declared that there would be "No More Election" in the South-East region. The political leaders in their ignorance and lust for power, have ignored the main reason behind the people's clamor, thereby putting up rather, shameful campaigns as their heavy-handed response for justification. 

The only concern for Nigerian politicians revolve around political relevance to the Fulani power brokers, which is in contrast with reality. They still choose to appear irrational before the world than to stand with their own people. 

Governors in the South-East disappointedly pretend that they command the loyalty of the people. It is time for the South-East politicians to stop chasing shadows and face the truth. People want to determine their future through a referendum and not election. This is a demand that represents the interest of the majority. The people now understand that elections in Nigeria only serve the interest of the politicians and the elites. No significant change was recorded with previous governments. It has come to that point where the interest of the people must be paramount. 

For decades now, Nigeria's corrupt system has recycled for the politicians' favoritism, gangsterism and indifference from one group to the other. The union of Nigeria hinges on exploitation, marginalization and genocide against the Igbos. The crude oil rich Niger Delta and most productive in terms of contribution to the government coffers, never develops, making the region defenseless for their premeditated multifaceted push for conquest. They have crippled all seaports and airports and sited all major developmental projects in the North, thereby making it difficult for survival in the East. 

The clueless politicians from the Eastern region (South-East/South-South), could not revive companies or build new ones. They only watch the economy of the region decay. 

These politicians who are in the real sense, "Fulani stooges", do not even lift a finger when Fulani terrorists residing illegally in bushes on Biafran soil, harass, abduct, rape and/or kill women in their farms. They still play deaf, dumb and blind to the extrajudicial killings being committed by the Nigerian police and the military against their citizens. The people have had enough. The resistance the government is facing today is a direct consequence of their gross negligence and abuse of power over the years.

Now is the time to reason. The interest of the people is worth more than any political interest. They should be allowed to decide if they want to continue in Nigeria or go their separate ways. This is a decision the people will have to make themselves through a referendum. These young people are determined to take their destinies in their own hands and I think it is best for the politicians and those in positions of authority, to come together and ask important questions. Is election really the solution to the problems facing Nigeria? Let us get to the root. Nigeria as presently constituted, is not viable. The politicians should give ears to the voice of these young people so as  to avert the impending anarchy. 

The decision of the people cannot be suppressed through the deployment of military/policemen to kill the innocent. The revolution will not stop. The world has seen the Nigerian government in bed with recognized terrorists like Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. A referendum is the only sure option. It is a recognized civil channel to self-determination and the people should be allowed to exercise that right. It is the only thing that Biafrans ask of the world. 

Written by Cindy Etuk

Edited by Emma Iwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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