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The Desperate Move By Nigerian government To Blackmail IPOB And The Biafra Restoration Project

 The Desperate Move By Nigerian government To Blackmail IPOB And The Biafra Restoration Project It is quite necessary to state categorically...

 The Desperate Move By Nigerian government To Blackmail IPOB And The Biafra Restoration Project

It is quite necessary to state categorically once again, that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), since its inception, has remained a peaceful freedom agitation movement for the Biafran people. Biafrans, it must be recalled, were forcefully contrapted into an unholy marriage (union), in the entity called Nigeria and this has brought nothing beneficial besides death, suffering, subjugation and enslavement. The Nigerian government over the years, has not in any shape, hidden its plans of denting the image of this globally most peaceful largest mass movement (IPOB). The government has been desperately neck deep in its efforts to malign both nationally and internationally, the dogged push for freedom by the Biafran people. All the evil plots aimed at achieving this, have always proved abortive despite their murderous approaches and false narratives. Myriads of attacks have been unabatedly meted on Biafrans especially in the South-East region of Nigeria, with thousands gruesomely killed.

In Imo and Anambra States, it has been tales of terror attacks, orchestrated by the so-called "unknown gunmen" that turned out to be security operatives.  Their agenda is to perpetrate carnage, kill, destroy properties and destabilize the South-East region and blame IPOB for them all. This in their plot, is to pitch the Biafran people especially the Igbos of the area, against IPOB as the masterminds. In their bid to actualize this, some moles within and outside Biafraland, were recruited by Nigeria government to execute the project. They cause chaos and anarchy under the cloak of unknown gunmen, against the innocent. Recall that this same Nigerian government in its desperation to forcefully put an end to Endsars protests across the country in 2020, recruited hoodlums and armed agents to disrupt the peaceful agitations of the Nigerian youths, thereby turning everything into violence.

This they floated, to usher in the army and police personnel who opened fire indiscriminately, on their own citizens, killing and maiming many. The same vampiric tactics was employed against the Sh'itte Islamic sect during processions in Kaduna which resulted in a blood bath and torture, with quite a number of the Muslim faithfuls, gruesomely murdered, wounded and maimed by the Nigerian soldiers. This is a government that shamelessly misjudges peaceful protests even in a democracy, as acts of terrorism and rebellion. Meanwhile, officials brazenly sponsor Fulani Islamic terrorists under different names as herdsmen and bandits, to ravage communities, kidnap and slaughter people, destroy their properties and take over their land indigenously bequeathed to them by their ancestors. Their mad quest for jihadi onslaught has been shifted to the Southern part of Nigeria.

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Having seen all these glaring evidences and acquainted with their modus operandi therefore, one cannot be wrong to conclude that the Nigerian government is the sole sponsor of these marauding unknown gunmen within the South-East. They are being commissioned to wreak havoc against the people and then turn round to blame and blackmail IPOB for the atrocities committed. It is really baffling that these "messengers of death and destruction", who are parading themselves as political leaders/elites, would leverage on non-existing weekly Sit-At-Home, to perpetrate mayhem against their own people because of selfish political interests. It should be noted that IPOB had since, suspended the earlier scheduled weekly sit-at-home exercise, marked for every Monday. It is therefore ridiculous to accuse the same IPOB of embarking on civil action weekly for the same suspended enforcement. It is imperative to state here that when IPOB gave the order, people were not forced or coerced into carrying it out but it was rather on personal decision based on their rejection of everything Nigeria represents. The government should therefore, fully understand that blackmailing IPOB, amounts to futility. The people have already made up their minds for their freedom and to totally call it quits with the unholy and unworkable union. Embarking on the wanton destruction of properties and killing of people in the South-East by the officers of the Nigerian security operatives who parade as the unknown gunmen, will only embolden the people's resolve to end and detach themselves from the contrapted entity called Nigeria.

The global community should know that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), amongst other Biafrans, are knitted together. IPOB is the people and the people are the IPOB. Their rightful demands remain the unconditional release from detention, of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the setting up of a date for a referendum. This exercise is a democratic means of determining the political, social and economic objectivity of the people as enshrined and protected by the United Nations and the African Union laws on human and people's rights to self-determination.

Article Written by Ogbuanukwu Ukoji

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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