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The Political Miscalculations And Stonewalling

 The Political Miscalculations And Stonewalling It has been four tortuous years. It is exactly four years 10 days plus, September 14th 2017,...

 The Political Miscalculations And Stonewalling

It has been four tortuous years. It is exactly four years 10 days plus, September 14th 2017, when the lawless murderous and jihadist Nigerian army, made an attempt on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s life that also took the lives of more than twenty eight (28) Biafrans, prematurely. Like it was in 2017, election will soon come up in  Anambra State as fixed for Saturday 6th of November 2021. The same issue of no election is about to happen, going by the channel at which the Indigenous People of Biafra's Head of Directorate of State (IPOB/HDOS), Mazi Chika Edoziem, has insisted that there will be sit at home protest, despite the pressure from neophytes and vassal politicians in the South-East that are parading as political leaders and juggernauts.

Here are the chain of events that will follow in the coming days, weeks and months, and some are already playing out:

1. There are three types of people in Biafraland. The majority that hate what Britain has been doing using their proxy, the Fulani. They have taken side against the oppressors. The next group is the endowed leaders sidelined for their unwillingness to execute the Fulani oligarchs master plan. Their loyalty was questionable, hence were relegated to the background. They have chosen to be tacit. They pretend to be neutral to the chagrin of the majority when it is obvious that neutrality in such a situation is an alignment with the oppressors. This is especially true in many ways because they share a commonality with the last group, which is a desire for continuing the status quo through the instrument of election. This is worrisome course. There exists, the remnants installed under pledge of allegiance. This last group knows how to manipulate the second group as a bridge to blackmail the majority emotionally into submission. They will motivate them to move in solidarity as can be seen through appearances in court. The aim is to get close and in due season, become tools for election participation. It is not lost on them how ineffectual election is but it does seem to somehow make them relevant. They are hungry for relevance.

2. The main objective of the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in connivance with the British, Kenyan governments as well as Anambra politicians, was to put him out of circulation. The attempt on his life in 2017 did not succeed but his disappearance paved the way for a shock doctrine. The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), was consumed by the effort to steady the ship and not let it sink while in 2017, they assumed that they could grant him bail on stringent conditions or even kill him if he could not be reined in but now they are afraid to kill him. This is only due to the fear of IPOB's capability to inflict maximum damage. They have therefore, settled for lengthy detention to buy them time to conduct elections, quite unlike in 2017 though, when the sensitization of the uselessness of election had permeated the sub consciousnesses of everyone. Aside that, the ability of IPOB leadership to enforce the sit-at-home protest, was no longer in doubt.

3. Immediately they granted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu bail, they made an effort at negotiation, thinking that he would compromise. It suddenly turned to bloodletting once they could not bring him to accept the unsustainable injustice that littered the geographical space called Nigeria. However, the use of bloodletting has become an ironclad means of perpetual misrule and it is unworkable. The freedom seekers are becoming loud, bold and confrontational day by day.

4. The last straw they will grab, having failed in their power grabbing murderous instinct, is the Taqqiya-based agreement. This will be intended to douse tension. It will help them to seek a compromise. Any favourable compromise that will guarantee them the leash. Just as the Daily Manna Devotional of Saturday 23rd October 2021 pointed out, you cannot trust the devil to keep any agreement. No matter the game plan this time, everything will definitely end in a political miscalculation and futile stonewalling.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.

For Family Writers Press International.


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