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Washington Times Publication: A Deliberate Plot To Jeopardize The Survival Of A Peace-Loving People

 Washington Times Publication:  A Deliberate Plot To Jeopardize The Survival Of A Peace-Loving People Just seeing the headline, seemed unrea...

 Washington Times Publication:  A Deliberate Plot To Jeopardize The Survival Of A Peace-Loving People

Just seeing the headline, seemed unreal to me until I carefully read through the whole text. It is bewildering to consider how the rest of the world has turned a blind eye to Biafra's misery. But the most perplexing aspect of it all, is that a renowned media institution like the Washington Times of the United States of America, could so condescend to brazen compromise or has deliberately decided to publish an Opinion with no iota of truth embedded therein. It is a total propagation of deception to their vast readership globally, against a peaceful, but unjustly persecuted indigenous people.

If the activities of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), had been kept hidden, it may have been rather significant. However, in this scenario, Kanu began spreading the gospel of Biafra's independence by establishing legally registered transmitting radio and television stations whose broadcasts are listened to in over one hundred (100) nations of the world. Not only that, the IPOB freedom fighters have physical presence in each of those nations, and they have never been accused of being violent or criminal in their actions by any of their host countries. 

The sole exception is Nigeria, which is home to the Fulanis, a group of bloodsucking, peace-hating, raping, looting, and lying Islamic monsters. These Fulanis are not even indigenous to any of the Nigeria's geographic regions. They are basically insidious invaders from the Futajalon Sahel North of Africa, to whom all the neo-colonialists have remained silent in the face of their horrendous acts against the indigenous peoples of Nigeria. It is a disgrace that the officials of Washington Times of repute, believe that they can deceive the world against IPOB in the times that we are in. Such a game will never ever work because everyone with good conscience, has been watching IPOB's peaceful activities for years. The group has insisted on a vote (referendum), to allow them to decide their fate in accordance with the United Nations (UN) charter, which does not consider self-determination as a crime in anyway.

Where was Washington Times when IPOB members were slain by the Nigerian security forces on several occasions for peacefully protesting for their freedom? When the wicked Nigerian military attacked the residence of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnmadi Kanu, and attempted to assassinate him, Biafrans lost over twenty-eight (28) innocent people at the scene of the incident. Where was Washington Times then?

When the Fulani militias masquerading as cattle herders blocked Biafra farmers from farming or when they raped and massacred our mothers and sisters, and killed our men who attempted to cultivate their farmlands on their ancestral soil, where was the Washington Times? Where was Washington Times when these Fulani Islamic terrorists raided our villages on multiple occasions, killing hundreds of Biafrans and razing their homes to the ground? 

The Nigerian army arrested and mysteriously disappeared hundreds and thousands of Biafran youths, where was Washington Times during the Obigbo genocide, when the streets of Obigbo in Igweocha (Rivers State), Biafraland, were littered with the bodies of Biafrans killed by the Nigerian soldiers on governor Nyesom Wike's orders, for joining other Nigerian youths across the country, in protesting against the brutality of the Nigerian Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS)?

Because the list is inexhaustible, I could go on and on. Unfortunately, Washington Times never reported on any of these occurrences in order to denounce the spate of inhumanity that was then unleashed. This supposedly global frontline media is now blatantly on the rush, to write down every conceivable thing in mind, in order to ensure that their Fulani friends and business partners succeed in obliterating the Biafran race. They have however, woefully failed!

One may have expected Biafrans to embrace violence as a means of combating these oppressions, but yet, it never happened. IPOB have never retaliated forcefully in the face of these uprisings but instead, have chosen to absorb the grief of their women becoming early widows, men becoming widowers and children made orphans. In fact, IPOB has written to the UN and other relevant international organizations a number of times about their subjugation, suffering and enslavement but none has so far deemed it fit to proactively intervene. It is also on record, and anyone who cares can immediately verify, that IPOB wrote to the governors of the South-East region of Nigeria, requesting that they take action to end the ongoing genocide against Biafrans. These individuals have however, equally remained docile. Referendum has repeatedly been sought from the Nigerian government via radio and television broadcasts, and unabated killings have been the rewarding response.

"Those who make peaceful resolution impossible, as the saying goes, definitely make violent revolution inevitable". As a result of this persistent orgy of violence and death being visited on Biafrans, IPOB then chose to activate self-defense mechanism to assist in the defense of our people, woodlands, bushes and farmlands, which have served as camps for these marauding Fulani Islamic murderers. The Eastern Security Network (ESN), was put in place as nothing else other than a defense counter force. The emergence of this IPOB security outfit was adequately publicized to the awareness of the global community. In truth, the governors of South-Eastern Nigeria, were notified prior to the launch and were requested to do all within their powers to help curb the excesses of these Fulanis but such was roundly rebuffed. ESN was finally launched for this reason. And they have never strayed from their primary mission. In their eagerness to subdue IPOB, the Nigerian military has launched series of deadly incursions into Biafraland to ensure that Biafrans are permanently silenced.

Washington Times and other complicit news organizations can continue to spread lies about Biafra, but they will never ever succeed. Biafraland shall be defended against all intruders. IPOB will continue on their quest with pride, vigor and courage. Biafra will most assuredly, be restored at the end of it all. This is a promise.




Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Domendu Udochukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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