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We Thank All Those Who Complied With Our Sit-At-Home Order - IPOB

 IPOB PRESS RELEASE  03/10/2021 We Thank All Those Who Complied With Our Sit-At-Home Order - IPOB NNIA NWODO SHOULD STOP ATTACKING US FOR RE...



We Thank All Those Who Complied With Our Sit-At-Home Order - IPOB


We are the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU. Our attention has been drawn to the fallacious and ridiculous statement from the most hopeless man in Alaigbo, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, asking IPOB to stop killing our people. We see this statement as that of a drowning man who wants to grab anything to stay afloat. 

Nnia Nwodo is only seeking relevance and feels the only way to get relevance is to make statements about IPOB. He has come again.  Nwodo should not forget what he did against IPOB when he was President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. It is like his money has finished and he expects his slaves master to send him more money by attacking IPOB.

This old man is confused and will remain confused till his death. We have questions to ask Nnia Nwodo over his ranting:  Has he investigated those who attacked Ajali Police station and confirmed they were IPOB? Has he also investigated who attacked the convoy of Hon Chris Azubogu when he was coming back from Awka to Nnewi, where he dumped PDP for APC, and confirmed it was IPOB?  Instead of this fulani stooge to caution politicians like him, he is busy chasing shadows and accusing IPOB . Our philosophy is peaceful restoration of Biafra. We have no hands in the senseless killings in Biafra land but Nwodo and traitors like him will want to link us with these atrocities just to impress their Fulani slavemasters.

It seems Nnia Nwodo wants to use IPOB to be relevant again?  Since he left as President General of Ohaneze he has not been relevant for long. He wants to use IPOB like Joe Igbokwe and Osita Okechukwu, DG of VON, to be relevant and attract sympathy from APC party. Shameless people in display!  Fulani in charge of APC and in control of Nigeria government can never give them recognition, no matter what they do. 

We wish to thank all those that complied with our directive to sit-at-home on 1st October, 2021. We thank you all for your compliance, and for rejecting Nigeria and her tribalalistic Fulani-controlled government in Abuja. 

We equally appreciate and commend those institutions and churches including companies who on their own, dismantled Nigeria flags in their premises. Thank you for your cooperation.  IPOB will never relent in our resolve to restore Biafra. 

Any institution, company, hotel, etc that is yet to comply with this directive should stop waiting for us to remove the flags for them. They should simply do the needful because disobedience is not a good option.

We restate our belief in peaceful restoration of Biafra. IPOB has no hands in the senseless attacks going on in our territory. We are freedom seekers and we remain peaceful in our pursuit for freedom of Biafra. We have nothing to do with the zoo politics.


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