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Biafra: The Alarming Security Onslaught Against Innocent Citizens Of The South-East Nigeria

 Biafra: The Alarming Security Onslaught Against Innocent Citizens Of The South-East Nigeria Bullets used by Nigerian military against unarm...

 Biafra: The Alarming Security Onslaught Against Innocent Citizens Of The South-East Nigeria

Bullets used by Nigerian military against unarmed civilians 

Recent reports have clearly shown the relentless carnage, unwarranted/ unprovoked attacks, killings and the wanton destruction of lives and properties in the South-East region, by the combined team of Nigerian security operatives. The Nigerian army, police and personnel of the Department of State Security (DSS), have unabatedly being unleashing terror and mayhem on the innocent civilian population in most communities in the region. Places like Izombe, Orlu, Njaba, Orsu Ihite-Ukwa, etcetera, all in Imo State, have so helplessly been ravaged by the murderous incursion of these security agencies.

In Enugu and Ebonyi States respectively, innocent civilians were equally not left out. Quite a number of people have been indiscriminately killed by the Nigerian armed forces, in fulfillment of the hate and genocidal agenda of the Nigerian government. Not yet satisfied with acts of terrorism being driven by the unknown gunmen against the Igbo populace even in Igboland, the government of the day, has deployed its killing machine against the indigenous land owners of Orsumoghu community in Anambra State with airstrikes, terrifying gunfire and killing of unarmed, innocent civilians. Homes are indiscriminately being destroyed and many, rendered refugees in their own community.

It is therefore provocative, imagining what the Nigerian army should be doing in communities with such concentration of heavy military armories both day and night. Immeasurable number of atrocities are being committed at will, against the very citizens that needed protection. What then forms the difference in activities between the Nigerian armed forces and the Islamic terror groups? People are being killed at will and properties worth fortunes, wantonly destroyed, without perpetrators being held accountable. 

The global community is hereby put on notice pertaining this relentless murderous drive of the state against the people of the South-East region in Nigeria, who are entirely Igbos. It is not totally clear, the reasons behind this criminal onslaught but one could simply conclude that the aim revolves around the total subduing and enslavement of the people by the Fulani run Nigerian government. The agony being visited on these people and the environs, is purposed to create fear and submission which will serve as a ready platform to completely clampdown on the agitators for self-determination. The uncompromising quest for an independent Biafran nation via a referendum, seems to be increasingly unsettling the camp of the Fulani oligarchy and their cabals. 

The Nigerian government through its actions and inactions, has proven to be the sponsor of the growing number of terror attacks and mayhem, that are ravaging the communities of the South-East region. The world should therefore note that the Igbos amongst other indigenous people groups within the old Eastern part of Nigeria, are only legally exercising their rights to self-determination like it is obtainable elsewhere. It is never a crime!

This is being sought through the United Nations recognized right to independence via a democratic process of referendum. The Nigerian government which is disobediently, employing the machinery of force, violence, repression, death and destruction against the people, should be seen as questioning the very integrity of the world even as a signatory to the charters of the United Nation on self determination. 

The international community should as a matter of urgency, come to the aid of the South-Eastern people before things worsen. The Nigerian government and its security agencies should be held accountable for the many acts of genocide that are being meted on humanity in this part of the world. This acts of criminality should never ever be allowed to continue nor go unpunished.

Written by Ogbuanu-Ukwu

Edited and published by Family Writers Press International

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