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Biafra: The Bleeding Nation The World Does Not Want To Talk About

 Biafra: The Bleeding Nation The World Does Not Want To Talk About It is disheartening whenever one remembers scores of Igbos that the Niger...

 Biafra: The Bleeding Nation The World Does Not Want To Talk About

It is disheartening whenever one remembers scores of Igbos that the Nigerian soldiers are slaughtering on daily basis. It brings fresh the sad memory of the numerous events of massacre the indigenous Igbo Biafrans have to endure from 1943 (including the British colonial government’s massacre of 21 miners on November 18, 1949, in Enugu, for only asking for a pay rise) through 1970, till date. It pains to the marrow, each time one also remembers that the world leaders do not want to talk about  this ongoing government sponsored genocide in Nigeria against the indigenous Igbo Biafrans, who are Judeo-Christians.

This open declaration of war on unarmed, by the Jihadi Nigerian government, for no justifiable reason, and the accompanying criminal silence by bureaucrats, is most depressing and traumatizing. This is especially so given the legion of army of occupation in Biafraland, with the presidential edict to dominate, the arms contracts offered a dictatorial regime with a retinue of human rights violations by a military industrial complex from world powers that ought to know better, including the United States of America and United Kingdom and the willingness to commit murder or genocide for promotion like army officer Bello, who led the onslaught in what is now the #LekkiMassacre. 

In every occasion, they attack with a 98 percent success, leaving on their trail, wanton destruction and only retreat whenever they are satisfied. What is most regrettable and tells you all you need to know about this regime and their priorities, is the consistency at which soldiers still keep deploying and using all sorts of military armories including fighter jets, helicopters, armored tanks and others, to joyfully kill the innocent indigenous Igbo Biafrans while Boko Haram terrorists are  advancing and circling Abuja unrestricted. The plan of the Nigerian government is to completely wipe out the Igbo race for demanding a free Biafran nation.  It was the reason President Muhammadu Buhari tweeted on June 1, 2021, that those of them who witnessed the 1967/1970 Nigeria genocidal war on Biafra will treat the 2021 set of new Biafra agitators in the language they would understand. He has made good his promise by unleashing his military assets and lackeys on the poor civilian Igbo population to be treated in the language they claimed we will understand which is "death". 

It is very shocking that the Nigerian army will be allowed to act like non-state actors using a national uniform, while the international community looks the other way. At some point, one hopes to have someone courageous enough to see this for what it is: pure terrorism on Igbo Biafrans. The carnage which the Nigerian soldiers are committing against the innocent, is exactly a replica of the atrocities Boko Haram fighters are  committing in the North, yet the world leaders are silent over it as if it is normal. There is nothing normal about genocide. The Nigerian army should and must be declared a terrorist organization. Nigerian soldiers have razed down many Igbo Biafran communities, killing half of the inhabitants and displacing many. 

This notorious act of the military is clearly seen in Izombe community in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State, in the month of October 2021, which lasted for two weeks. It happened again at Mgbowo in Enugu State on 1st November 2021, and in Orsu in Imo State once more on 10th November 2021. The soldiers mostly are indigenous to Hausa tribe, under the control of Fulani jihadists, because they speak their language proving that what is going on is a tribal war in which the Igbo soldiers serving in the Nigerian military are poorly equipped and sent to be killed by Boko Haram terrorists while the Fulani terrorists infiltrated army, moves into Biafraland to ensure the killing of young people of fighting age; thereby using one stone to kill two birds. 

This has got out of hand because we cannot just continue to fold our arms and watch our loved ones killed, by tribal Nigeria Hausa soldiers under the intimidating influence of Fulani terrorists. If we stand for a revenge, the world will stand up for the truth on the head, the entire time. It will, therefore, be in the best interest of everyone for the world leaders to put an end to this madness from Fulani controlled Nigerian government against the indigenous Igbo Biafrans because our patience is running out.

Written by

Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by

Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International.


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