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IPOB accuses Nigeria DSS of brain behind Unknown Gunmen, vows to expose and dislodge them

 IPOB accuses Nigeria DSS of brain behind Unknown Gunmen vows to expose and dislodge them IPOB PRESS RELEASE  21/11/2021 Following the inces...

 IPOB accuses Nigeria DSS of brain behind Unknown Gunmen vows to expose and dislodge them



Following the incessant killing in our territory by unknown gunmen, we the great movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to remind Biafrans and the whole world that unknown gunmen are a creation of Fulani cabal ruling Nigeria. They deployed terrorist, bandits and herdsmen to our territory to unleash mayhem and terror in our region. 

Intelligence reports at our disposal indicate that the hypocritical Department of State Services, DSS, has mobilised more jihadists to dress as unknown gunmen in South East and South South regions and unleash more mayhem on the innocent people and residents of the regions. According to our impeccable intelligence, these blood suckers are planning to step up their murderous and terrorist activities this festive season and, as usual, blame the Eastern Security Network ESN and IPOB for their atrocities.

We therefore raise this alarm so that our people will be very careful this festival period because DSS has perfected arrangements to unleash mayhem and catastrophe in Biafra land. What they could not achieve during the Anambra election they are desperate to achieve now but they will still fail. They want to make Biafra land as insecure as North East and North West but IPOB has always been their obstacle.

IPOB intelligence unit is working day and night to expose these vampires who derive joy in sucking blood of innocent citizens and we are ready to repel fulani terrorists in any form they come. Biafra land can never be conquered by the Fulani jihadists! 

Available intelligence shows that the DSS has deployed trained terrorists who are heavily armed and dressed in security uniforms to the South East for dirty jobs and sinister operations.

We therefore want Biafrans to note that those currently terrorizing our people under the guise of unknown gunmen are Fulani sponsored terrorists. ESN has no hand whatsoever in the ongoing secret genocide in our land. Our enemies are the masterminds!  

To this end, Biafrans are now directed to hunt down any unknown gunmen seen operating in any part of Biafra land.

Those paid agents of our oppressors forming groups, on social media platforms to unleash malicious attacks and to distract the leadership of this movement will soon have IPOB to contend with. All those paid to cause confusion in our land should retrace their steps or soon regret their actions!

All we need and ask for is a date for our referendum to decide our fate. Keeping Biafra in Nigeria by force cannot work for our oppressors; that generation has gone and gone forever!

Similarly, we commend the Igbo traditional rulers and elders for their move to ensure that our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU is released unconditionally. We still insist on our position that our leader must be released unconditionally and the sooner the better for Nigeria.


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