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Nigeria Leadership Crisis And Its Fueling Of Separatism

 Nigeria Leadership Crisis And Its Fueling Of Separatism An October 2003 publication of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Africa, c...

 Nigeria Leadership Crisis And Its Fueling Of Separatism

An October 2003 publication of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Africa, claimed that, "a new study of more than 65 countries published in the United Kingdom's New Scientist Magazine, suggested that the happiest people in the world live in Nigeria." There was no mention in the article of who conducted the study, where it was conducted and the method with which they arrived at their conclusion. If they are so happy, why does another poll suggest that more than fifty percent (50%) of the population, would travel to other countries for greener pastures?

Nigeria is one of the largest crude oil producers in Africa and on Wikipedia, it is ranked the 11th amongst the world's largest producers of crude oil, while Qatar, Oman and Turkey are 15th, 18th and 49th respectively. Quite ironically, Nigeria is one of Africa's 9th most indebted country at about $89 billion. Considering critically, the rate of development in other oil producing countries, one would quickly attest to the rate of mismanagement of resources, under-development and hardship in Nigeria. 

Unpatriotism is, and has always been the major quality of most Nigerians. Muhammadu Buhari, the current President had in 1985, voted against Nigeria as a military despot in a meeting of the then Organization of African Unity (OAU), as well as deposed a government during the military era. He, with other high ranking Nigerian officials, do not patronize the country’s health facilities nor its higher institutions of learning. Same can be said with their regard, or the lack of it, for Nigeria's financial institutions as they would rather bank their looted funds abroad than at home. Nigerian elites both in time past and present, have referred to Nigeria as a mere geographical location, but not a country. 

The Nigerian political class are bereft of political philosophies and in this pitiable state, have ruthlessly pursued brigandage in the name of politics. There is no telling of any one political party from the other, that is really different. They merely serve as banners under which the politicians, like bandits without honour, group and regroup ahead of elections, to position themselves for better access to public funds. It is therefore no wonder that terrorism has become a political tool in Nigeria and glaringly enjoys state sponsorship.

The fourth deadliest terrorist organization, Boko Haram and counterpart, Fulani herdsmen, are being pampered by the President Buhari and his cabal of handlers from his ethnic Fulani stock. The trigger-happy terrorists in Nigerian military uniforms do not defend the constitution but instead, defend the President and his primitive tyranny. Nigeria has no regard for human rights. If only Amnesty International was to take seriously its role in speaking out against the atrocities happening in Nigeria, certainly, the country will be on the headlines of every global news media house for weeks on end. But unfortunately, the lukewarm attitude of this global human rights body and other individuals, have emboldened the ongoing gross abuses of human rights in the South-East region, to the extent that Nigerians no longer realize that they exist under sub-human conditions. 

Looking at everything which Nigeria portends for its inhabitants, is it wrong that an indigenous people would seek exit from the Nigerian federation? Biafrans want to be out of Nigeria, in exercise of their legitimate right to self-determination. They ask for a United nations supervised referendum, as enshrined in the United Nations Charter on indigenous people’s rights which Nigeria is also signatory to. Nigeria is callously and murderously responding to the call for a referendum with acts of genocide, despite the fact that it was through a referendum in February 1961 that the present day Adamawa State, was ceded to Nigeria from Cameroun. The ruling coalition sought to ostracize and mute them at the same time. They risked protracting the conflict by further alienating a section of the country. Nigeria leadership has no option than to humbly yield to the legitimate demand of the Biafran people.

#God bless Biafra!

Written by Cindy Etuk

Edited by Emma Iwu

For Family Writes Press International.


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