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Nnamdi Kanu Trial: A government That Has Evidence Against An Accused will Not Engage in Media Trial

Nnamdi Kanu Trial: A government That Has Evidence Against An Accused will Not Engage in Media Trial Pay attention, you will observe the comm...

Nnamdi Kanu Trial: A government That Has Evidence Against An Accused will Not Engage in Media Trial

Pay attention, you will observe the common ingredient between a cheating partner and a rebellious child. What they have in common is the tendency to regularly lie. The whole effort of trying to cover the previous lie with another one makes them nervous. If you pay attention, you will observe it. Compare that with the easy composure of a guiltless conscience. How comfortable they are, how at peace, and without a struggle at remembering what to say or has been said. At the center of the argument is the nature of a Fulani to lie for a living. Whether it is about the real reason behind the outdated movement of cattle from place to place or the demand for indigenous people's ancestral land also known as RUGA. 

This is more evident with the rush to the media to dish out lies for a case already in court by one Abubakar Malami, a Fulani. The only way to cover a lie is through more lies. In the case of the illegal abduction in Kenya, it is through bribery and threat of violence that the big lie, about how Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ended in the custody of the Department of State Security or DSS, can be covered. A Buhari administration needed to get rid of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Why didn’t they kill him, for at least 8 days that nobody knew his whereabouts, after abduction? It is the fear of IPOB and the need to lie to the international community about how IPOB is a terrorist organization and not Boko Haram. The massive international support IPOB enjoy and the disagreement between the Fulani controlled Nigerian government and the international community on the classification of IPOB are what energizes Nigerian government media lies. 

The bedrock of every democracy is the existence of three equal co-branches of government to ensure checks and balances. A government that has evidence against an accused will not engage in media laundry or trial. It will not seek war but will gladly present her case before the court. Since self-determination is a right subscribed to by every known law, since self-determination is a political opinion, since referendum is a valid democratic demand, the Nigerian government is afraid it has no case against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Nobody has to be abducted and imprisoned for seeking self-determination. No one has to even be brought before a court for having a different political opinion. The formidability of IPOB, in assembling credible and competent legal team, is making Nigeria lose sleep. Hence, the only option available to a government that comes to equity with an unclean hand is fabrication of a baseless allegation to discredit IPOB. That is not a winning option.

Having taken delivery of the twelve (12) A29 Tucano jets, one does not need a future seer to know where a Buhari administration will urgently prefer to use them. The court cases in Washington, Nairobi, Abuja or Umuahia will give them neither the urgency nor the victory they sought, hence the provision of other threatening options. The resort for options that are not legitimate is an indication of an underdog mindset. It is not a winning mindset. From the time of creation, the Nigerian government has engaged in one unknown this or that. Whether it was the killing of Fela’s mother, the killing of #EndSars protesters or most recently the sacking of villages and the destruction and death left behind. And like a cheating partner or a rebellious child, they continue to lie thinking that somehow they will sound believable and get away with their crime. The masses are not stupid, neither are the international community.


Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International.


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