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Reasons Behind The Agitation For Biafra Freedom

 Reasons Behind The Agitation For Biafra Freedom Freedom, is simply having the right to act, speak or think without any form of hindrance. I...

 Reasons Behind The Agitation For Biafra Freedom

Freedom, is simply having the right to act, speak or think without any form of hindrance. It is having the absence of interference of a despotic government or group of persons in the affairs of another. In life, every living creature desires freedom to function. Freedom is a natural right given by God Himself. This gives one, group of persons or a people the right, to fully take control of their own destiny and affairs, unprevented.

Many years ago and even till date, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), have been groaning for freedom from the clutches of slavery in the hands of the iniquitous country called Nigeria and her colonial slavemaster, Britain. Biafrans have hugely passed through a whole lot of pain, suffering, deprivation and oppression. Eversince the British colonialists amalgamated Biafra into Nigeria in the year, 1914, through Frederick Lugard, tears of agony have not ceased flowing from the eyes of the Biafran people. It has been series of mistreatments even in Biafraland. Biafrans are treated with disdain, used and dumped to their fate. They are being denied their rights as humans. Their freedom to speak, move and even fully participate in progressive politics or carry out their own businesses are being denied them. There is absolutely no independence to take control of their investments without being strangled. They have been greviously maltreated as second class humans by a country that is deceitfully preaching unity, equality and justice. Government revenues are biasedly disbursed to cater for citizens on unfair basis. Education and social infrastructures are being denied the people. There is no vibrant employment structures to engage Biafra teaming youths. Virtually all juicy positions and employments have become the exclusive reserve and right of the Northern Fulanis.

Biafrans are hated, blackmailed, persistently arrested, detained, tortured and killed by the agents of the Nigerian state. There is no gainsaying the fact that Biafrans are naturally strong, creative, enterprising and accommodating. They are a special specie of humans that are non-government dependent for their needs. They create and grossly make investments rather than glorying in the fame of frivolous riches and politics of money embezzlement amongst other corrupt indices. They are hated by the Nigerian state to the point that their businesses are being maliciously shut down in order to hold them in perpetual slavery. Wealthy Biafrans face provocative embarrassments on routine basis in the hands of the Nigerian government agencies like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), while the main criminal elements from the North, enjoy unwarranted praises, promotion and protection.

Ibeto lucrative cement business of premium standard, was shut down and handed over to Aliko Dangote by the Nigerian government simply because he (Ibeto), is a Biafran and Dangote, a Fulani. The Chief Executive Officer and owner of Innoson motors, Innocent Maduka, is being persecuted today because he is a Biafran coupled with his just refusal to move his investment from the South-East, to Abuja, Northern part of Nigeria. Obi Cubana (a Biafran), was recently embarrassed by the same Nigerian government because of his intimidating wealth and business independence. Thousands of Biafran men and women have for many years, been residing overseas because of the misgivings and persecutions of the Nigerian state. Biafrans are being blatantly embarrassed, illegally arrested, detained, maimed and killed in their numbers successively without recourse. When the living go through tortuous processes and get lifted in life by God, they become subjects of ridicule and shame in the hands of the Fulani run government of Nigeria, under very flimsy and disgusting accusations. None of those in the diaspora would want to return home under such a dehumanizing and insecure atmosphere.

Biafrans are relentlessly agitating for freedom because they want to save and secure their lives and properties. The future of the upcoming generations of Biafrans are not safe remaining in a jihadi infested country like Nigeria, where insecurity, inequality and injustice rein supreme. No sane person would want to cohabit a country where no value is placed on human lives. Biafrans cannot cohabit with ardent terrorists who enjoy state sponsorship and patronage.

The Biafra agitations revolve fundamentally, around unchained freedom that would usher in the rights of both born and unborn generations. We are are agitating to be free from the tyranny of Fulani jihadi terrorists' attacks that is ravaging Nigeria. We are agitating to create an avenue of safety, security, justice and peace for the eventual home coming of thousands of Biafrans who left Biafraland because of grave uncertainties enveloping Nigeria.

Written by Lydia Mikachi

Edited and published by Family Writers Press International.


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