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The Age long Injustice On The South And Why Nigeria Disintegration Is Inevitable

 The Age long Injustice On The South And Why Nigeria Disintegration Is Inevitable Nigeria's false independence with power centered in th...

 The Age long Injustice On The South And Why Nigeria Disintegration Is Inevitable

Nigeria's false independence with power centered in the North, has been characterized with some irregularities, purely targeted at disfavoring the Southerners, especially the old Eastern region (Biafra), despite being hugely an indispensable part of the amalgamated entity. Calabar in the present day Cross River State, was the Southern protectorate capital city and was used as the capital of Nigeria during the colonial era of Fredrick Lugard. 

In 1906, the Nigerian government moved the capital from Calabar, Biafra region, to Lagos State, a South western hub of the Yorubas, and then later, to Abuja, a core Northern town, in 1991. This relocations were treacherously carried out because it pleased the British for the Fulani saturated North to rightly control the whole of Southern region from their own territory (North).This has been the reason why when any Biafran is arrested from any of the states within Biafraland, such person will be transferred to Abuja, enduring loss of communication from his/her family members.  This is the point Nigeria is currently, and it is happening on daily basis. Many people from the South-East region, have lost their loved ones as a result. 

Thousands of Nigerian male organs were intercepted in China in 2020. These male organs were cut off from humans not animals and the people who owned them were those prisoners who were arrested from the South and distanced to Abuja, far away from the reach of their loved ones. And after many years without any trace from their families, the Nigerian government used them for business. The male private parts were taken out and sold to China which uses them for only ' God knows what'. The females amongst them were sold out to Italy for sex enterprise or were hacked to death and their private parts harvested and sold too. 

This is why the Nigerian government hardly arraign the inmates in the court of law. Even those who are arraigned, are denied justice, because the Nigerian government is aiming at using them for a bigger business deal than their bail fees would cost.

Eversince those human parts were intercepted, the government has not deemed it fit to set up any investigation panel to look into where and how they left the shores of the country and later found in China, despite the heavy security presence at the seaports, airports and land boarders.. This is a proof that the Nigerian government is the master planner. People are being randomly arrested and detained, not because they are guilty of what they are accused of, but because the government plans to criminally harvest their organs for international business.

I have been saying this and I will continue to say it, that those shouting for the restructuring of Nigeria deserve some sort of award for that. They should be awarded the most "stupid" people of the year in Nigeria. If at all there shall be any restructuring, let it start with the relocation of the Nigeria Federal capital from the North to the the deserving South, where it was during the British reign and after the said independence. If Fulani North can allow this, then let us restructure. But no, they cannot. And that is why restructuring will never work for Nigeria but instead,  "disintegration".

A Fulani man will rather choose to die than allow his fellow arrested and transported to the South (Igbo or Yoruba lands) for possible prosecution.

This is where Biafrans and Yorubas need to come together and fight this injustice at this time, once for all. Like the Northerners could not allow Nigeria capital to be in the South, the same way, should the Southerners not be happy with a Nigeria whose capital is in the North, especially when it is being used as oppression tool against the Southern people.

This is why disintegration is inevitable.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International.


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