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The Compromised Nigerian Media And How It Rolls

 The Compromised Nigerian Media And How It Rolls The media on a broader scale, serves as a communication channel or tool of storage and deli...

 The Compromised Nigerian Media And How It Rolls

The media on a broader scale, serves as a communication channel or tool of storage and delivery of information. It is a means through which authentic and needed information is passed to the general public. Most unfortunately however, the media  in Nigeria is grossly compromised. It is known especially under the Buhari led government, to boldly be churning out fake and misleading information to the people. It is being used to propagate lies and devilish propaganda theories aimed at deceiving and confusing the citizenry in favor of the powers that be, thereby mortgaging the wellbeing of the common man. This reputably professional entity is not independent in this part of the world as its antecedents stand opposed to the ethical flow of excellent communication of relevant information as obtained elsewhere. Those in power ensure that truth is comprpmised to their advantage.

Few days past, the Nigerian armed personnel brazenly attacked a Catholic bishop in Orlu, Imo State, and the shamelessly comprpmised media, was instructed to blame the act on the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Eastern Security Network (ESN). This was driven to smear the image of these bodies and instigate hatred, confusion and disunity amongst the people. The Eastern Security Network (ESN), which is a IPOB civil protection security outfit for Biafrans' lives and properties, was birthed into existence for the purpose of self-defence. Biafra farmlands, farm produce and lives were under serious threat of extinction by the marauding Fulani jihadists who disguise as cattle herders. They ravage communities as well, leaving behind their trail, destructions and gruesome killings of the indigenous land owners. Mothers, wives, sisters and daughters were blatantly raped, killed and dismembered. It was these heinous crimes that orchestrated the formation of the ESN as self-defence security outfit for the people. The personnel never vied off their primary assignment, to attack or disturb the peace of the citizens. But the Nigerian government, desperately in a hurry to carry out its herculean (impossible) task of fulanization cum islamization, precipitated varying degrees of havoc and tagging the ESN personnel, as the terrorists behind such criminal activities. This government act was being floated to shield the main import of the ESN operation which is fighting to defend the people against the actions of the Fulani killer squad (terrorists), from the knowledge of the global community.

On Monday 1st November 2021, at about 5:00am, a detachment of the Nigerian army was deployed to carry out an attack against the indigenes of Mgbowo community in Awgu local government area of Enugu State, killing the innocent, which included the youths, the elderly, men and women. Houses and properties worth fortunes, were wantonly destroyed. This murderous invasion was shrouded in secrecy as no media house, whether print or electronic, deemed it worth publishing. That is how they roll. These media outlets considered such developing news quite immaterial for public knowledge, thereby massaging the interest of their paymasters. Nigeria, especially under Buhari, is a protagonist of evil, terrorism and death. That is why insecurity pervades every nook and cranny of the country. The media is adequately settled against ethical journalism, justice, truth and the wishes of the people. Anything that can easily blackmail IPOB and ESN, spreads through the Nigerian media like harmattan fire. They will promptly give such, unsolicited attention.

Biafrans are being killed with brazen act of impunity like animals and nobody takes it as anything. But when it comes to the issue of self-defence actions against the murderous orchestrations of the Fulanis, the newspaper headlines and electronic trending news items, will be floated for escalated information. Self-determination is not a crime before any international legal framework which Nigeria is equally a signatory. Even in the Nigerian constitution, such is fully given a legitimate consideration. It is therefore enough as this systemic onslaught can no longer be entertained. Such an extermination agenda like what happened between 1967 and 1970 against Biafrans, will never ever be allowed again. Fathers, mothers, men, women, pregnant mothers, youths, elderly and even children were gruesomely murdered in millions. The world saw all these and turned a blind eye. Biafrans were made to bear the brunt of a needless war because the Nigerian media either concealed reality or propagated falsehood about all that transpired. Therefore, the global community that has conscience, should expedite action that will help stem the ongoing bloody policy targeted against Biafrans by the Nigerian government in concert with its compromised media.

Written by Lydia Mikachi

Edited and Published by Family Writers Press International.


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