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Biafraland: Addressing The Revenue Question Therein

 Biafraland: Addressing The Revenue Question Therein At some point, the thought of crippling the Nigerian economy was deemed the quickest st...

 Biafraland: Addressing The Revenue Question Therein

At some point, the thought of crippling the Nigerian economy was deemed the quickest strategy of actualizing our freedom as a people or perhaps, fast tracking the release from detention, of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. There is nothing wrong adopting such a strategy, in a layman's understanding. Yet, everything appears definitely wrong with it, when such an approach is not a mandated order from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or the IPOB core leadership. It should also be stated here that such an instruction could however be carried out as given by an individual leadership member or a group, provided it has the blessing of the detained IPOB leader.

Biafrans must understand that the ongoing struggle is aimed at our freedom and must always be guided with utmost discipline. Everything is time bound according to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. In one of his Radio Biafra broadcasts, quite a number of callers had suggested that revenue collection and all other Nigeria associated business presence in Biafraland, be stopped. But the IPOB leader in his response, clearly stated that the due time for such a strategy has not come. He maintained that when the season dawns, Nigeria will be brought to her knees.

It is not as if our leader was not in tune with the implications of the strategy but was being cautious with his statements especially on a live broadcast being monitored globally. He was consciously armed with the best strategy and the time of execution that would effectively and fruitfully deliver the Biafra nation of our dream, with minimal casualties and pains. He fully understands that most of our unemployed youths, frustrated and misguided brethren, would be used as ready tools by the Nigerian government, to perpetrate criminal activities against the interest of their own people and our quest to restore Biafra. And because there are no means of livelihood, our deceived and recruited brothers get paid and should they be compelled to stop without providing alternatives, more dangerous crimes would surface. Such crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficking, ritual killing, etcetera. These are the things that are not needed in Biafraland.

Beside flooding our society with criminals, market leaders and other commercial businesses might equally be at risk as the government will stop at nothing, in unjustly punishing some notable Biafrans in the public domain. This for now, should not be embraced and this is what our leader and the entire IPOB leadership will not allow. These issues amongst others, are what informed the wise decision not to authorize the stoppage of the Nigerian government backed revenue collection in Biafraland.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is globally noted as a peaceful freedom movement, with a well-structured ideology. The people are only legitimately seeking the restoration of Biafra as a sovereign and independent nation. This is being pursued through a democratic process known as a referendum, as constituted via local and international laws that guide indigenous people groups to self-determination. Though the Nigerian government has consistently used repression amongst all other military backed draconian measures to silence this quest of Biafrans, yet the flame for its realization has remained resistantly unquenchable.

IPOB maintains a crack chain of command and control and this runs right from the apex leadership under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Both himself and the Directorate of State, have not considered giving such an order of stopping revenue collection across Biafraland and so, anyone or group of persons floating such an instruction, do so at their own risk. IPOB is totally not involved at the moment until the leadership after consideration see need to embark on such assignment. At the right time and if deemed necessary, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will issue an order for such a strategy to be implemented. It is quite obvious that the Nigerian government is desperately exploring means of making IPOB to vie off track by taking to violence. IPOB leadership will not fall for their evil scheme as the people remain committed to their peaceful pursuit. 

This, the global community, should be aware of as the peaceful means of actualizing this freedom, cannot be compromised. The world has to come to terms with the doggedness of IPOB in her civil and legitimate pursuit as a people. The Nigerian government has no excuse but to unconditionally release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from detention and grant Biafrans, the demanded referendum to decide their future. This is the only acceptable way of saving Nigeria from catastrophe. The patience of Biafrans amidst all reprehensible measures should not be mistaken for cowardice or weakness. Enough is enough!

Written by Ogbuanu Ukwu 

Edited and published by Family Writers Press International.


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