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Eastern Security Network(ESN), The Biafran's Iron Dome

 Eastern Security Network(ESN), The Biafran's Iron Dome Life in South-Eastern part of the geographical location called Nigeria was gradu...

 Eastern Security Network(ESN), The Biafran's Iron Dome

Life in South-Eastern part of the geographical location called Nigeria was gradually becoming more horrible, we had begun to see butchered human parts littered on the road-sides of our communities, and they were body parts of Biafran people, being slaughtered like rams by Fulani herdsmen. These Fulani invaders were already in the business of murdering our people in cold blood, not sparing even children. And what was our crime? Nothing, except that we are Biafran Judeo-Christians.

More painfully, these killers are world recognized terrorists (Boko-Haram and Fulani herdsmen), which the Nigeria government have unfortunately continued to pamper.

Even member of the Fulani cabals tried persuading Biafrans to give up their lands to these terrorists for peace to rain or risk losing more lives, what an advice!

The Buhari lead Fulani government of Nigeria have pet named these real terrorists as "bandits", instead of calling them what they really are. Though they are actually Buhari's pets. Yes, they are.  It is well understood, years back Buhari said “an attack against Boko-Haram is an attack on the north".

It will also be recalled that the fourth deadliest terrorist organization (Fulani Herdsmen) named "Buhari" as their negotiator, spokesperson and patron.

According to the Holy Bible, Satan came to kill, steal and to destroy. That is what Buhari lead Fulani government and their terrorist pets are. Their sole mission is to kill and destroy. Nigeria as of today is burning, abduction and killing of innocence without any sight of solution from the government 

But thanks to ESN that came to restored peace and confidence to Biafrans. Eastern Security Network was launched by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) on 12th December, 2020 (exactly one year today). They were handed the duty to secure the bushes, forests and farmlands of all old eastern region(Biafra) from foreign aggressions.

And to say the least, ESN have been very effective in living up to their duties. 

The launching of ESN has made our land peaceful again, our farmers have returned to their farmlands as a result of ESN's presence, ESN have rid our forests and bushes off Fulani Herdsmen.

As ESN is one year today, all Biafrans remember and thank them for job well done. We assure them of our unhindered support, and encourage them to do more for our motherland.

God bless and strengthen ESN!

God bless and protect Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!!

God bless Biafrans and all lovers of freedom!!!


Written by Cindy Etuk

For Family Writers Press International

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