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IPOB under Oath and the command and control system of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

 IPOB under Oath and the command and control system of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  Who is an IPOB member? Who is a Biafran? The above have been confus...

 IPOB under Oath and the command and control system of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 

Who is an IPOB member? Who is a Biafran? The above have been confusing of late. I have read some people saying that DOS must be subject to Biafrans and not Biafrans to DOS. I think there is a mix up here. I think some people are now immortalizing their ignorance to the extent that they have shut the door of understanding in them, and the key cast into the deepest ocean. We can't deny the fact that every Igbo, Efik, Ijaw, Ogoni etc are all Biafrans. We are all indigenous persons of Biafra, but there is something we are not understanding.

IPOB is a freedom movement. IPOB is not a democracy or democratic movement. IPOB is a quasi-military movement that move with command and control. IPOB is subject to one central command. IPOB has Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as the leader and the DOS as next in command. Without MNK, it is the DOS. That you accept that you are a Biafran doesn't mean IPOB leadership will be subject to you. You have nothing to say here, only to obey. The IPOB you are looking at have gone stages. This particular stage is not a time to beg or try to jeopardize our freedom because of your ignorance or foolishness. IPOB is not just a people. IPOB is a people under oath and TOTAL OBEDIENCE to command and control. IPOB started with forming IPOB family units across Biafra land, in Nigeria and all over the world. These people are in their millions. These are the people under oath to have Biafra restored. When Biafra is restored, they won't enjoy it alone. In fact, they will hand over this country to all and enthrone democracy.

Stop bragging and thinking you have what it takes to quench Biafra freedom. In this movement, there are people that respond to command and control at every time. They are the ones that make things to happen. Let me give examples. Do you remember those days Biafrans do protest in the streets of Aba, Onitsha, Asaba, Akwaibom, Igweọcha etc? How did you think those youths were gathered? Those youths are not you people ranting on social media how DOS must be subjected to you. Those youths were only called by their coordinator and they closed their shops and assembled. Those of them riding Keke did same. These guys knew the danger and still headed to the protest grounds. Of course, some of them died in the hands of Nigeria military. Some of you shouting today that DOS must be subject to you were blaming these boys then. You saw it as insanity to protest for Biafra. Today, many are still in prison while you rant.

All over the world, there are men and women contributing since 12 years ago for Biafra to come. Some pay their tithes only in IPOB. They have done even one man protest abroad for Biafra and are ready to put themselves in harm's way for freedom. There are men and women that refused being e-rats for politicians and only subscribed to IPOB media defense. They are not paid, yet use their own data to defend the struggle. Even when they feel differently, they still obey the leadership knowing fully well that the leadership knows better.

There are also ESN members. They are putting their lives in danger for our own sake. They confront fulanii herdsmen terrorists in our bushes. These men are IPOB volunteers. They are doing these things for freedom and are all subject to command and control. At this stage, IPOB members under oath to restore Biafra are enough to restore Biafra. I assure you this. Those of them ranting how DOS must listen to them will never come out this minute should there be a call for protest in any part of Biafra. But you will see them rant.

I encourage every Biafran to remain resolute. There are a lot you don't understand. We have a leader in the inside, and the leadership is doing everything necessary to have him released. Let them not fool you. If you don't understand how IPOB works, ask questions. There is no democracy in IPOB, but that doesn't mean IPOB leadership can't listen to the concerns of the people.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist.

Writing for Family Writers Press International.

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