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IPOB Accuses Ebubeagu Security Outfit of Rape, Killings and destruction of Properties

IPOB Accuses Ebubeagu Security Outfit of Rape, Killings and destruction of Properties  We are the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under t...

IPOB Accuses Ebubeagu Security Outfit of Rape, Killings and destruction of Properties 

We are the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi KANU. Following the frustration and lack of professionalism by the Nigeria security agencies, they have as usual resorted to lies and propaganda to deceive the gullible minds.

The Nigeria Army and police parading and killing innocent citizens in Imo State have started with falsehood to demonise their innocent victims. They can only deceive those who don't know what is happening in Imo State since Hope Uzodinma and his APC party turned Imo State into an abattoir for innocent Biafrans.

Nigeria security agents and Ebubeagu security members recruited by Hope Uzodinma were operating and killing innocent citizens in Imo State have lied again that they repelled ESN operatives who allegedly besieged the palace of Eze Emmanuel Eze Okeke of Amaifeke in Orlu LGA Imo State.

This is another blatant lie from the pit of hell. IPOB/ESN operatives have no issues with traditional rulers in Biafraland but Nigeria army and police are trying to create the wrong impression that we are hunting the monarchs. It is true that we criticize some traitors among our people including politicians, traditional rulers, President Generals and even fake religious leaders. Our condemnation of their unpatriotic actions against BIAFRA has not got to the level of going after any of them. Maybe very soon these criminals behind the bloodletting in our land will start going after religious leaders and blame their abominable act on IPOB and ESN.

For the umpteenth time, IPOB and ESN have no hands in the spate of killings and abductions in any part of BIAFRA land. Such barbarity is not part of our mandate. The security agencies and their criminal recruits are behind it in their desperation to demonise IPOB. The recent confession by Senator Rochas Okorocha has vindicated us. Some wicked people in power in collaboration with the security agencies are the masterminds of the insecurity in our land.

Again the people of Orlu celebrated Christmas and New Year peacefully because the wicked abductors  of Rochas Okorocha's son in-law were exposed. If they were not exposed timeously, they would have quickly blamed the evil on ESN and probably kill him after some days to further heighten tension and project us as terrorists.

We wonder how Hope Uzodinma would recruit Fulani terrorists and Alamajiris as Ebubeagu security outfit to join soldiers and police officers who are terrorists to further unleash mayhem on our people. Hope Uzodinma has not finished what he came to do for Fulani his slave masters in Imo  State.  Imo  youths must come together and organise themselves to chase this beast and his agents of death out of Imo State.

Imo State citizens must take statistics for how many  people he killed through his agents called Ebubeagu security outfit since he came to power.

Ebubeagu security outfit has started killing and burning down properties belonging to Hope Uzodinma's political opponents in the state. He must be made to account for his atrocities. Any state in Biafra territory operating with Ebubeagu security must consider themselves enemy of the people because Ebubeagu is now raping our women and claiming it is soldiers from the North. How could the so called Ebubeagu security outfit  decide to be raping our mothers and sisters and think they are our people.

If they are truly Igbo people they won't tamper with our ladies for any reason but they will focus on pursuing Fulani terrorists herdsmen terrorising our people in the bushes and forests. But because these bunch of criminals know that they are not Igbo people, that is why they will do whatever they like to humiliate our women in the name of security. Many buildings were burnt down in Umutanze, Amaifeke in Orlu and Orsu by Ebubeagu  in conjunction with Nigeria compromised security agents in Imo State. This madness must stop.



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