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The Narrow-mindedness Of Northern Elders

 The Narrow-mindedness Of Northern Elders Elementary biology teaches that humans are higher animals because of their ability to reason. It i...

 The Narrow-mindedness Of Northern Elders

Elementary biology teaches that humans are higher animals because of their ability to reason. It is this higher reasoning ability that makes us humans. Being inhumane is the inability to reason properly,  understand and make sound judgement and conclusion from available facts.

Apparently, the elders of northern Nigeria have something fundamentally wrong with the way they reason. Their thinking capacity needs to really upgrade. But for the now, they still make no difference from their animals in their use of logic. Probably they are more occupied with sponsoring the poisonous mix of deadly terrorist groups, Bandits, criminal gangs, and an agrarian crisis which is currently driving Nigeria's population of an estimated 200 million people to an alarming degree of violence. A lot about which are intertwined, and each is poorly understood. Boko Haram, a terrorist organization that professes to fight in defense of Islam, plays  a prominent role in the current horror, others are Fulani Herdsmen, bandits, and other unknown jihadists.

Boko Haram has fought a campaign of mass bloodshed and wreaked havoc in Africa's Lake Chad area, which includes northern Nigeria, southeastern Niger, far-northern Cameroon, and western Chad, over the previous decade. Boko Haram is believed to have killed over 25,000 people, displaced millions, and triggered a large-scale humanitarian disaster in those areas it operates. But, worst of all is in Borno and other North Eastern part of Nigeria. It was named the world's deadliest terror group in 2014, with 6,600 people killed in only one year.  Boko Haram is well-known for its brutality toward children, old men and women. The kidnapping of 276 girls from their school dormitory in Chibok village, north-eastern Nigeria, first brought the movement to the attention of western media in April 2014. It utilizes girls as domestic slaves and human bombs, attacking civilian targets including markets, hospitals, IDP camps, and places of worship.

Boko Haram has established itself as a powerful force, and judging by more than 750 security forces killed in 2019, the greatest number since the violence began, it appears to be stronger everyday. Some days ago, it was in the news that they attacked and killed 10 Nigeria militaries in TY Buratai military base. But in all these ugly and alarming situations bedeviling the area, their elders seems to be living comfortable with the situation. They are busy running after rats while their houses are on fire. They would prefer writing to the president not to allow anyone destabilize Nigeria while they have not written to the same president to put more effort in stopping all those dangerous terrorists group operating in the North. This extensively points to the possibility of their involvement in all these.

Killings in the North are no more seen as a news, it has even become a norm. It does not bother people again to read, hear or watch in the news that Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen or bandits killed people, yet the elders are not worried about the ugly situations befalling the area. One would wonder how these elders sleep at night. I am personally bothered by the "I do not care" attitudes of these elders on the situation of things in their area regarding constant spilling of innocent blood.

But you will find that these same elders prefer to poke nose on other areas that are merely expressing their displeasure in the matters affecting their own people.

One would ask, does Northern elders  reason at all, is it that the devil has plagued their reasonings or, are the set for complete destruction?

Let reasons prevail!



Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Okechukwu Chuks

For Family Writers Press International.


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