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The Relaunch Of Ebubeagu Security Outfit And The Danger It Plainly Typifies

 The Relaunch Of Ebubeagu Security Outfit And The Danger It Plainly Typifies  Insecurity in Nigeria has generally skyrocketed to its epic. R...

 The Relaunch Of Ebubeagu Security Outfit And The Danger It Plainly Typifies 

Insecurity in Nigeria has generally skyrocketed to its epic. Recently, some northern youths organized protests with the caption, "North is bleeding while President Muhammadu Buhari is sleeping". This was because of the inability of Federal and Northern States governments to terminate the activities of the dreaded Islamic terrorist groups ravaging the North.

The havoc of these Islamic terrorists have in recent years, extended to the South-East region as well, through the influx of Fulani herdsmen and some unknown men of cannibals who wanted to turn our forests into abattoir camps. Unsurprisingly, it is what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu predicted many years ago and planned in readiness against, but did not get the support of the Eastern leaders who did not see things the same way. This is why these eastern leaders, especially governors have myopically fought the establishment of Eastern Security Network (ESN). But all thanks that Kanu and ESN got the support of the masses.

Nnamdi Kanu understands that these Islamic terrorists were not going to live in duplexes in the cities. Kanu knew that our localities would be the most vulnerable because these marauders would all live in tiny dashed houses or under trees in the forests. That was why he established the ESN and made the personnel to live in the forests and bushes around our villages where they can easily locate these terrorists on daily basis and deal with them accordingly. 

Since the launch of the Eastern Security Network (ESN)/ on 12th December 2020, a lot have been achieved. Some of those achievements are that our farmers can now go to farm and come back alive, Fulani cattles are no longer destroying our crops and total peace has returned in our bushes. There are no longer twisted news by the Nigerian corrupt media houses about herdsmen and farmers clashes. 

Therefore, it is dutifully supposed of the South-East leaders to appreciate and support the efforts and priceless sacrifices of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other loyal Biafrans in gathering these honourable and vibrant young men and women of the Eastern Security Network, who have vowed to protect our land. Our eastern state governors who have kicked against, and have been clamping down on ESN, using the Nigerian army and the police, should desist from such.

It is so painful that when these governors noticed that ESN have achieved a lot under few months of her inauguration, they became so restless, thinking, that little Nnamdi Kanu (as they call him) is trying to reduce their worth before their Fulani masters. It was at this point that they opted for the formation of Ebubeagu, and they went on to launch the ghost Security Network as no one knows who and who belonged to the unknown gang. As time went by, the achievements of ESN became immeasurable while their Ebubeagu were seen nowhere.

This again prompted the relaunch of the security outfit, which Dave Umahi, the Ebonyi State governor and chairman of South East governors forum, have vowed to use it in devastating IPOB and ESN. Their plan and purpose for relaunching Ebubeagu is not for the wellbeing of our people, but to protect their own selfish political interests. They clearly forgot that their inability to protect our lives and boundaries as they vowed to do, had destroyed the little respect we had for them. 

The best these governors could have done would have been to legalize and support ESN since they are capable of securing our forests and towns against every terrorists invasion. But rather, they devilishly opted to inaugurating a section of our people into Ebubeagu to fight another section of our people too in the ESN and in the community.

This is why the relaunch of the defunct Ebubeagu should be seen by all as a threat to our people. It is a gateway to division and internal war, being sponsored against us by our own governors. Ebubeagu is relaunched against the existence of ESN, whereas you and myself know too well that Ebubeagu cannot and will never do a tenth of what ESN have done. 

Members of Ebubeagu live in duplexes in the cities, sleep in their beds and enjoy the comfort of their families, only to wake up in the morning and move around gossiping about ESN and then, collect their salaries at the end of the month. How can they function like ESN when they are in the cities and ESN operatives are in the bushes. How can the men of Ebubeagu protect our farmers when they are in the cities and our farmers farm in our bushes and forests? 

Ebubeagu is a scam, they have got nothing positive to offer to our people. That formation (Ebubeagu), should be dissolved completely and Nnamdi Kanu's ESN given full license to operate freely in all Biafra States for the guaranteed safety of our land.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi.


For Family Writers Press International

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