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Abba Kyari, The Aso-Rock Carbals' Hallowed And Glorified Crook

 Abba Kyari, The Aso-Rock Carbals' Hallowed And Glorified Crook For someone with so much a dirty record like Abba Kyari to have worked w...

 Abba Kyari, The Aso-Rock Carbals' Hallowed And Glorified Crook

For someone with so much a dirty record like Abba Kyari to have worked with those leading in Nigeria unfaulted, but rather praised as a supper corp is clear indication of what the country has turned into. Infact, to say that Nigeria as a country has decayed beyond repair is an understatement. The ugly events that continues to unfold on daily bases proves that the former American president, Donald John Trump was not wrong to have called Nigeria a shit-hole. Neither was Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) when he called Nigeria a “Zoo."

Every institution in the country has regrettably undergone irreversible and monumental ethical hemorrhage or bleeding. The notion that three independent arms make up a democratically elected government is an academic exercise in the British contraption called Nigeria. The legislative arm in corrupt setting of the Zoo(Nigeria) is actually a rubber stamp because, with a heavy heart, it's demise has been announced. The judicial arm is officially an extension of the executive branch. It has never been this bad, not even under a military dictatorship.

That Abba Kyari rose to the pinnacle is not unexpected, given the lack of merit, entrenchment of nepotism and favouritism. It is only a country like Nigeria, with institutionalized quota system that will elevate or give birth to the likes of Aba Kyari as one of the most decorated and best security chiefs. It therefore  becomes pathetic and futile to expect administration of justice, fairness and equity. 

It is not that as humans do, Mr Kyari made an isolated error of misjudgment. What has been worrisome was his total disregard for rule of law and penchant for public and media trial. Equally disturbing too has been the level of homage by public government officials who ought to know better. These associations tell you all you need to know about the character and integrity of such government officials.

We remember, quite vividly, how he was honoured by the House of Representatives. The Speaker of House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamilla in June 2020, said "It is not what we do all the time and for everybody but for those who have distinguished themselves in various fields of service. This is also to show Nigerians that despite the not too good image of the Nigerian police, there are very good officers in the force. This is the greatest honour because this is the only institution where all Nigerians are represented. This is not an award from the House of Representatives alone but an award from the entire people of Nigeria.”

And Kyari was given a standing ovation at the floor of the House, what a big shame!

But, with the current fraud case of Kyari, levied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI), it can be surmised that the best security chief Nigeria has is both a criminal at home and abroad. He is most wanted in United States for internet crime and in Nigeria by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA) for drug deals. A drug baron and syndicate! 

The big question is: If the security chief can have this type of record, what is then the situation of the society.

The indictment of this glorified criminal(Abba Kyari) has gone a long way to showcase this country Nigeria to the whole world, for people of good conscience to see it for what it really is – an abattoir of criminal gangsters masquerading as government officials. The moral decay is everyday exhibited for the world to see. They are the indices of a banana republic, of a failed state!

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

Family Writers Press International

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