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Biafra: The Three Breeds To Beware Of; Because They Are Infiltrators In Our Freedom Struggle

 Biafra: The Three Breeds To Beware Of; Because They Are Infiltrators In Our Freedom Struggle The Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ably led Indigenous Peopl...

 Biafra: The Three Breeds To Beware Of; Because They Are Infiltrators In Our Freedom Struggle

The Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ably led Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB)'s noble struggle for the restoration of Biafra's sovereignty has encountered some very carefully orchestrated government sponsored turbulents in recent months, majorly from some gluttonous infiltrators who call themselves autopiloters. They are a group of very terrible creatures that feels nothing distressing about selling their own people for mere selfish benefits.

Lessons drawn from the actions, and careless utterances made by some of these agents of distraction clearly depicts that intentionally, and/or ignorantly for the respective groups, their agenda is to destroy the leadership and operational structure of IPOB and thereby, put a stop to the Biafra restoration course.

A few Careful and investigative findings I made went far to reveal that these infiltrators are in three(3) groups.

Thy are:

1.  A group of those that are contracted by politicians as political errands. This group is made up of the 50% of the "autopilot" infiltrators. It also includes Simon Ekpa, Nelly Offoegbu and most of those that were expelled from IPOB for several reasons. Their Common goal is to utilize their assumingly much knowledge and followership  they have in IPOB to try destroying the movement from within. They are the agent provocateurs ,the chief infiltrators, moles, Chief Blackmailers, and professional Sweet liars. The easiest way to identify them is that they claim to love Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but can not obey the least of Kanu's  instructions. Some of them outrightly displays hate for the IPOB leader and his followers.

2. These are those that have always hated anything related to Biafra and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This group make up 30% of the infiltrators. In here, we mainly have Fulani persons with mazi Nnamdi Kanu's image as their social media profile pictures. Some even change their names to igbo names, just to achieve their aim. These people are amongst those assigned to ceaselessly make mind poisoning comments on Biafra posts and discusses.  They also fan the baseless accusation, that  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was betrayed by IPOB leadership.

3. These ones make up 20% of the infiltrators. They are not among the original provocateurs, but they are weak emotioned. They are most IPOB members and other sincere Biafrans who were too emotional. I called them little faith freedom fighters. Their sense of right judgement is so undisciplined that they cannot decipher between which side of the fight to support. So, they tell you things like;  "when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu comes out of DSS detention, we will know the truth. This persons are terribly ignorant. They do not understand what freedom fighting is all about. Some may later retrace their steps, and if they ask right questions, while some will eventually hide their face in Shame.

Therefore, my advice will not go to any of these three(3) groups. I will only advice the true Children of truth(Ezigbo Umuchineke). I have to remind all of us(Umuchineke) that we should remain consistent, disciplined and Obedient to the leadership of IPOB, which is DOS. This has been the part that brought this fight for Biafra restoration to the limelight, where the whole world is presently aware of the Biafra people's plights. It is our duty as Umuchineke to protect this noble IPOB family jealously, and defend her structure at every instance.

At the End, we must surely win this fight against the infiltrators. It will definitely be so, not long from now, because Chukwu-Okike Abiama pụrụ ime ihe nile(The Almighty, All Capable God) is with us.




Written by Emmanuel John

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International.


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