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Why IPOB Must Continue To Adopt Extreme Measures In Her Freedom Demands

 Why IPOB Must Continue To Adopt Extreme Measures In Her Freedom Demands For every freedom seeking movement that have suffered injustices an...

 Why IPOB Must Continue To Adopt Extreme Measures In Her Freedom Demands

For every freedom seeking movement that have suffered injustices and continued to suffer all possible mayhems that can be meted on an adversary, the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) and the entire people of Biafra will continue to suffer until they attain the absolute freedom they have been clamoring for. However, remaining focused on the original goal is the only thing that will guarantee success.

Historically, freedom seeking movements that have achieved their quest did not set out pleasing the powers that be or the general populace, they simply set out with the objective of freedom and ready for every sacrifice it requires. Like the Irish revolution, Sudanese freedom struggle that lasted decades, the self rule war in Afghanistan by the Taliban, the Donesk peoples republic and Donbass republic recently recognised by Vladimir Putin of Russia; they simply set out to achieve freedom and stuck to their grounds until victory is achieved.

They were only ready to negotiate for their goal.

It stands out that freedom movements that went on to achieve their goal stood their ground on initial ideology and goals. The Irish were not deterred by superior firepower neither were they by numbers of British forces. The initial driving force and ideology proved to be enough motivation to fight to the last man.

The tactics being used by the Nigeria government against the IPOB's quest today, were used at them too. Their ranks were heavily infiltrated by spies, they were divided, they were killed and executed summarily. It is just that the worlds searchlight is barely pointed to Sahara Africa and the atrocities of the government against its people.

For the fallen comrades, honor demands that their death not be made in vain by compromising or deviating from the initial goal. Negotiations as allowed by the IPOB Directorate of States(DOS) does include possibility of referendum. Infact, it is a large word that can include any possibility. What is important enough is the leverage it has against the aggressor, who currently have the IPOB leader in custody.

How much bargaining chips do you have and ready to deploy? The important April ban on beef is one, and must be intensely enforced!  Now is the time to strengthen the grassroot movement and local fundraising and diversify sources even more, incase the conspiracy of silence and oppression intensifies as expected. 


Finally, It is really annoying to think that you are actually demanding for freedom of choice, association, self rule and self sustainance from a country where such freedoms are already supposed to be everyone’s right. Notwithstanding, IPOB must very importantly refuse to be distracted. The movement must stay always ahead of the Nigeria government, even seven steps ahead, in order not to get left behind in the expensive media war that Nigeria have levied on her. Military strategy also, should be a priority as usual in civil disobedience campaign of defiance to buttress our resolve for freedom and independence.

Written by Emma Iwu

Edited by Okechukwu Chuks

For Family Writers Press International.


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