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You lied, IPOB is Not a Terrorist Movement, Elochukwu replies Simon Ekpa

You lied, IPOB is Not a Terrorist Movement, Elochukwu replies Simon Ekpa  Actually, there is no easier way to destroy an Ideology, other tha...

You lied, IPOB is Not a Terrorist Movement, Elochukwu replies Simon Ekpa 

Actually, there is no easier way to destroy an Ideology, other than use them to destroy themselves. Those countries that have feasted on the resources of Nigeria, while rendering poor, men, women, children and infants caged in Nigeria studied the movement and came to the conclusion that no amount of guns will end the quest for Biafra, so they came with the master stroke, which is THE INFILTRATORS.

Many have questioned whether the Chief Infiltrator were actually fooled by someone which made him to betray his master. The truth is that no one fooled him. He was simply contracted. They prepared him and unleashed him on IPOB. This was why he was busy working on your brain, instead of working for Biafra. This is why all of a sudden you forgot men and women in every sphere of IPOB that were doing the needful, to think that only him is doing something. He kept singing his own praises directly and indirectly, and kept matching his pictures next to that of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

He was their man. It was the Nigeria politicians that unleashed him on all of you. He worked hard not to bring Biafra, but to hoodwink you all and the game was a huge success. They knew that there is plan to take out MNK. They were there waiting for it to happen so that their treacherous activities can begin. The news ought to have been that MNK is dead and they will immediately accuse DOS and his family of being the ones that betrayed him and with it the struggle will hit a rock. This plan was thwarted when they couldn't succeed in their plans of killing him. It became a momentary set back for them, but the accusations must continue. Unverifiable accusations kept flying around. They first claimed they have evidence but later told their gullible followers how it was Elohim that revealed it to them. 

They introduced one week sit at home in collaboration with the middle belt. Former CBN deputy governor, late Obadiah Mailafia from the middle belt has called for one week Christian sit at home and the infiltrator wanted Biafrans to leave what they are pursuing to carry it on their heads. It was a ploy to derail you into something outside your scope. The middle belt was never serious about the sit at home. They didn't map out a date, but he wanted Biafrans to start yapping about one week sit at home for middle belt Christians. I remembered telling him to ask the middle belt to show seriousness first, before leading Biafrans into that fight. When his ignorant supporters continue in their ranting, I then told them that the one week Christian sit at home will end only in media and it just happened that way.

The infiltrators kept trying their luck. His handlers having studied the Igbo know for sure that the Igbo has this individualistic mindset. This individualistic mindset of the Igbo have contributed into the success of the Igbo, especially after the war, when they were rendered useless by the new monetary policy of the then Nigeria government. But this individualistic mindset in the other hand has dealt a massive blow on the Igbo. Speaking with one voice have been the problem of the Igbo. Apart from during the genocidal war of 1967-70, the Igbo have never spoken in one voice until the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Without posing a threat to the individualistic trait of the Igbo, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu built a massive Biafra movement that also gave the Igbo what they have been lacking.

The Igbo can now come together to act and speak as one. The Igbo enwe eze bowed to this hero of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. With outmost harsh words based in love for his people, he won their hearts. There is every need to reverse this great turnaround of the Igbo. They must be returned to individualistic mindset, as to cripple them politically. To do this, they handed the format called autopilot to their handlers. They pushed it with the pretence that all is for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. With autopilot, which translates to do anyhow and act anyhow, the politicians set out to destroy the struggle using the same people that so much clamor for freedom. Many erroneously saw it as an avenue to teach the zoo a lesson, without knowing that the end game is to destroy them. Had it been they weren't confronted and stopped, it would have reached a point that no one will even listen to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It will be chaos everywhere, and the government will defeat the people.

When the infiltrators couldn't make the people to buy into their do anyhow and act anyhow plan, they started infiltrating every aspect of the struggle. Some writers were given monetary gifts, while some got gadgets and with it, they betrayed the struggle. Did the infiltrators stop there? No. They infiltrated the ESN, claiming they are now the one in charge of the ESN. But the truth is that with one or two ESN members at their disposal, they started recruiting criminals. These criminals started committing crimes against our people. Stealing from POS operators and burning people's businesses on Mondays, in the name of enforcing sit at home already canceled by IPOB. They did everything possible to make sure people think that the chief infiltrator now control men on ground.

The music changed when ESN set out to end the criminals under the payroll of the infiltrators. In a gun battle that lasted for 5 hours, ESN came victorious defeating the criminals and brought down their kingpin. This annoyed the infiltrators so much that they declared that they will prove to the whole world and Nigeria that IPOB is a terr-orist group. Funny enough the person that said this, on behalf of the infiltrators claimed to be Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's disciple. Same Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is in DSS dungeon facing trumpeted terrorism charges. He is also the leader of IPOB. The question begging for answer is this...what happens to MNK's case after the chief infiltrator must have proved to Nigeria and the world that IPOB is a terr-orist group? Are you following at all?

IPOB is a massive nonviolent freedom fighting movement. IPOB has family units around the world with massive followership. They sponsor themselves and have been here for more than 15years. But all of a sudden, a former PDP member who only spoke for Biafra claimed he will destroy it. This is a movement that have survived the military might of the Nigeria government.

The truth is that they thought they can fool the entire IPOB, set you against your own freedom and see you destroy yourselves by yourself. You must beat them in their own game. Infiltrators and those that support them are not your comrades. They are working for your own oppressors. The the master say he wants peace for his movement, he mean peace for those under the leadership of IPOB and not infiltrators. 

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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