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ESN does not involve self in land dispute, family problem, business settlement others

ESN does not involve self in land dispute, family problem, business settlement others Beside the long-time cry of marginalization and injust...

ESN does not involve self in land dispute, family problem, business settlement others

Beside the long-time cry of marginalization and injustice against Biafra people by the Fulanized Nigeria government, the recent year’s prevalent same government's sponsored insecurity in the region has been another thing of serious concern.

It all started with the tricky influx of Fulani killers, disguised as Herdsmen, followed by series of military operations, since President Muhamadu Buhari took office. The "Operation Python Dance 1, 2, 3" exercises by the Nigeria military saw to the untimely death of hundreds of Biafran youths and fathers of many families.

These military Operation left the region in total unrest because, while the Fulani Herdsmen continued to rape and butcher our mothers and sisters, kill our fathers and sons who went to their farmlands, destroy farm crops and burnt down our villages, the Nigerian soldiers were in the Biafra towns killing, indiscriminately arresting and imprisoning innocent youths as well. And though very unfortunate that politicians of the Eastern region have been the Fulani instruments for perpetrating these mayhems on the innocent Biafran. It is worthy to note that the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have never taken any violent approach against them.

However, it was uncovered that the Fulani’s' agenda was to completely take over our bushes and forests with their armed herders, then invade our towns with their foot soldiers, leaving us nowhere to run for safety. This led to the formation and launching of Eastern Security Network(ESN) by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on December, 2020. This was done after several calls on Eastern governors to provide protection for our dying people, but they gave a deaf ear.

ESN was formed and mandated to protect Biafraland from invading Fulani armed herders who already took over our land and settled there awaiting jihad announcement to invade our towns

ESN formation was made up of sophisticated die hard believers in the Biafra restoration efforts of IPOB. They are lovers of the motherland. ESN operatives have remained consistent and unwavering in carrying out this hallowed assignment handed to them without fail. That is why our farmers can now farm in their lands freely without the fear of any Fulani terror.

ESN have since inception, carefully avoided interfering in the political, family and land dispute settlements in the region. ESN have minded their duty posts and have not interfered in the politics of any Biafra localities or towns.

It is lately quite surprising, how some politically sponsored criminals have started to terrorize Biafrans, disguising as ESN and getting involved in disputes of all forms in the land including family dispute. And worst so is how Biafra land traditional rulers and communities chairmen were allowing these criminals go unpunished. Some of them are being quick to ignorantly begin to associate the crimes of these nefarious elements to the Noble ESN.

This is why it became so imperative to put up this article and remind the general public, and all Biafran what ESN represents. ESN is for safety and peace of Biafran people, and so will it remain. ESN does not involve themselves in any land dispute, family problem or business dispute.

The dragon flag of ESN has been lifted and will remain up until Biafra is restored. The earlier people accepts this, the better. No amount of blackmails can stop ESN from remaining strong and determined in carrying out their assignments, people should make quick to learn to separate the activities of criminals from that of ESN any time, any day. Do not hesitate to hold and punish any criminal you find guilty of any crime in your communities. Never allow yourself to be deceived into believing they are ESN.

The ESN commanded by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will never be a threat to Biafran people, but possess what it takes to give security to Biafra. So, the people must learn to "differentiate criminals from ESN" and stand strong to deliver judgement on any criminal that may want to impersonate ESN.

Written by Ogah C. S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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