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The Biafra Story and The Dangers Of Pushing The Masses To Self Defense

 The Biafra Story and The Dangers Of Pushing The Masses To Self Defense Humans, when pushed too hard to the wall have only one option, which...

 The Biafra Story and The Dangers Of Pushing The Masses To Self Defense

Humans, when pushed too hard to the wall have only one option, which is to turn and fight back. Some weeks ago, Russia invaded Ukraine, hoping to overrun Kyiv the Ukrainian capital in just two days, but met a stiff resistance. And both Russia and Ukraine have since recorded lots of damages, with the advancing Russian army toping the chart in terms of damages recorded. One of the grieviances told by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin is that the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) have continued an encroachment to the Russian border. This is what led to the invasion of Ukraine because they did not want Ukraine to join NATO.

This is clearly show of the will of a man pushed beyond limit, and the possible repercussions.

This same push is what the Nigerian Fulani Oligarchs have put on Biafrans for many decades now, and it is not seeming like what they ever wish to stop. This is why the Eastern Security Network(ESN) was formed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB). The IPOB leader inaugurate the ESN on the 12th of December, 2020 with a sole aim and mandate of curbing the excessive menaces of Fulani terrorist herdsmen, who have been killing Biafran farmers, raping, destroy farms, burning down Biafra village, etcetera. The duty posts of ESN operatives are in Biafra bushes and forests, where these devilish activities of the Fulani Herdsmen are always launched from.

However, in a RadioBiafra broadcast of Wednesday February 23rd 2020,  Mazi Chinasa Nworu, a member of the IPOB Directorate of States(DOS), who also doubles as the second in command of ESN, revealed that the Biafran defense military wing, ESN might be forced to leave the bushes for Biafra towns and villages and engage the Nigeria government sponsored armed men who are hell-bent and delighted in committing all forms of atrocious acts on Biafra soil.

It is worthy to note that it is the woeful failure of the South Eastern state governments in their services to humanity that ushered in the ESN idea. These eastern government's irresponsibly invited the murderous Nigeria soldiers, police and their sister forces into Biafra communities to kill, maim, rape and burn down houses. These Nigeria forces in return, have wiped out many families from existence, mostly in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, Ebonyi State and some other areas across the Biafran provinces. The reckless activities of the Nigeria security forces have left many children finding themselves in the orphanage homes as both their parents have been murdered. Many parents are now childless too as a result, with many others turned to single parents.

It is on record that Nigeria soldiers in company of the Nigeria police, Ebubeagu(a local vigilante) and unknown gunmen have killed many innocent Biafrans and rendered Biafra communities impotent. Many of our people have made the forests their temporaral abode pending when the genocidal tour on Biafraland by the Nigeria terrorists in uniforms will be brought to an end.

On this note, it is imperative that ESN might be forced out of the bushes across Biafraland into the towns to defend our defenseless communities and save our people from this daily massacres meted on us by the Nigeria government. This time, the slogan will be "enough is enough". Both the Nigeria soldiers, police, Ebubeagu, Department of State Service (DSS), government sponsored armed youth and others who do not want our people to live peacefully in our land will all face the music.

This is another call on the eastern government, because it is either the government protect us or we protect ourselves. Self defense is not a crime and only a tree hears of it being cut down and still stands.

Let the government be reminded of the danger of provoking the masses to a self defensive fight.



Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Okechukwu Chuks

For Family Writers Press International.


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