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Against The Sustained Enslavement Drive, Propelled By Britain, Biafrans Remain A Free People

 Against The Sustained Enslavement Drive, Propelled By Britain, Biafrans Remain A Free People Time has come for the truth to be laid bare. B...

 Against The Sustained Enslavement Drive, Propelled By Britain, Biafrans Remain A Free People

Time has come for the truth to be laid bare. Biafrans are a physically and mentally strong people, and a people who do not toil with their spirituality. They are a people who never fears take up life's challenges. Biafrans do not bow to circumstances. In like manner, bowing to a fellow human being is something a Biafran never acceptse. Biafrans know and worship only one God, The Creator of all things(Chukwu-Okike).

History told us that Biafrans never had any business or communication with fulanis from futajalon until the unwelcomed arrival of the coning British, who exploited the welcoming soft spot of Ndigbo and Biafrans at large have for God, and everything God-related. 

The agents of the western world were able to get into Biafra because the came as christian missionaries. However, they had ulterior motives. Britain willingly betrayed the trust of Biafrans, formed a system of governance that was strange to Biafrans, amalgamated different peoples with different ideaologies, different beliefs and way of worship. 

Britain brought various peoples with about eight thousand (8,000) different languages and cultures together for their devilish interest and handed its government to the Muhammadian fulanis, as against Biafrans.

Ndigbo and Biafrans at large including Igbanke, Ibibio, izon (ijaw), Anag, etcetera will never stoop as low as becoming equals with uncircumcised fulanis, much less become servants to anyone in the Biafran's own land.

Britain brought their Bibles and false teachings to Biafrans and taught them to turn the other cheek when slapped, but they gave guns to the Muhammadan fulanis and told them that Biafrans are like their slaves. Britain and the western world tried through the Islamic fulanis to wipe out their christian converts for the sake of crude oil.  

The only fulani slaves in Biafra land are the puppet politicians who deliberately chose dancing to the tune of their fulani masters, rather than listen to the needs of the people they claim to serve.

After the genocide in Biafra (1967 - 1970) headed by Britain, it was easy for them to place embargoes on all that benefited Biafra and encouraged production in the Muhammadan north and funded them with monies stolen from Biafra land.

Now, these Fulanis believe that they are the sole providers for Biafrans. 

Biafrans have not forgotten themselves and history. So, they do not want to continue in the evil enclave called nigeria.

Fulani cows are desecrated and are an abomination to Biafrans. It is common practice for fulanis to engage in sexual intercourse with these cows and sell them at exorbitant prices to Biafrans.

Beastiality is a taboo in Biafra, as well as associating with those who practice such.

Biafrans are not greedy people, they want to exist on their own to build their economy with what they have left. It is proper for a people to choose what they want and as such, Biafrans are saying "NO" to fulani cows and other desecrated products they use as excuses to invade Biafra land.

Biafrans are peacefully calling for the release of their son, brother, savior and leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whose only crime is calling for the freedom of his people.

Biafrans want a referendum to determine their future.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

God bless Biafra

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Cindy Etuk

For Family Writers Press International.


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