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Amaokwe Ugba Community: The Concealed Gruesome Murder Of John Ndubuka, And The Orjis Reign of Terror.

Amaokwe Ugba Community: The Concealed Gruesome Murder Of John Ndubuka, And The Orjis Reign of Terror.                                       ...

Amaokwe Ugba Community: The Concealed Gruesome Murder Of John Ndubuka, And The Orjis Reign of Terror.                                                        

Senator T. A. Orji and son Chinedum Orji

There is this adage in Igbo land that says, "he whose father has sent to rob a house, will break the door with just a kick knowing fully well that his father is solidly behind him". Another brutal attack on the sons of Amaokwe Ugba Ibeku Community on Friday 15th April 2022 and the impunity exhibited by the representatives of Senator T. A. Orji in demanding that the police free the criminal suspects of that attack share uncanny similarities with the gruesome murder of Late John Ndubuka who was a son of Amaokwe Ugba Ibeku community and a personal assistant to the Orji Family. 

Greed is an evil vice that turns men to monsters. Several months before he was killed, John Ndubuka had informed his confidants that he was going to contest for the position of the Lawmaker representing Umuahia Central State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly in 2015. Unbeknown to him, Chinedum Orji, who for almost eight years earlier, had been enjoying the perks of the unofficial “Office of The Son to Abia State Governor” still wanted some more and was also interested in that same lawmaker’s seat.  The Orjis, despite the collection of pieces of land and public riches they have hoarded to themselves, also have their restless claws on "Amaokwe’s Ụzọ-Ubi lands", slicing it off bit-by-bit and at will, using their extensive political influence in Abia State Government and fueled by their unquenchable desire for more.

Greed if not tamed, can lead to bloodshed.  Chinedum Orji, on learning of John’s political ambition, accused John Ndubuka of stealing his (Chinedum’s) millions of naira. Some months later, John Ndubuka was shot dead by Chinedum Orji’s police guard.  Since the very day Chinedum Orji revealed himself, in 2020 to be behind the land-grabbing syndicate, responsible for the appropriation of Amaokwe Ugba’s ancestral lands, he has been making attempts to eliminate Honorable Tobias Osukwu. Tobias Osukwu has been the one leading the campaign to recover and preserve Amaokwe’s ancestral Ụzọ-Ubi land. At one instance, Chinedum Orji tried to trick the Nigerian security forces to summarily execute Honorable Tobias. The latest attempt was the attack by loyal cultists to the Orjis, which resulted in the hacking of several Amaokwe Ugba indigenes, dispossessing the victims of their personal belongings, abduction and torturing of three others. 

To enable the greedy one keep grabbing without consequences, the justice system is manipulated.

On killing John Ndubuka and evading probes and subsequent justice for the dead, the policeman in charge for the case was immediately transferred out of Abia State. The Abia State Government led by the then Governor T. A. Orji rushed to the State’s media house to exonerate the son of the Governor. There was no arrest. There was no investigation. The body of John Ndubuka was then hurriedly buried in his hometown, less than two weeks after his death. The late John Ndubuka’s bereaved family was left to mourn their death without any relief by the law.

Ever since then, Chinedum Orji is known to brag about his capacity to kill and go unscathed. His favorite line has been “I can kill you and nothing will happen”.

Aside the two ringleaders of the cultists that attacked Amaokwe Ugba Community on Friday, who were initially arrested and detained by the police, but got freed the following day at the demand of Senator T. A. Orji, no other member of the gang has been arrested or detained. In fact, the hoodlums have been allowed by the police to return to the community and threaten to kill any member of Amaokwe Ugba Community who dares to challenge them.

It is apparent, unfortunately, that if the hoodlums had succeeded in assassinating Hon. Tobias Osukwu, “nothing would have happened” to the killers and their paymasters as well. 

Despite the ugly history surrounding the migration of Sen. Orji’s forefather to Amaokwe Ugba Ibeku, the people of Amaokwe Ugba community open-heartedly adopted the Orjis as integral members of the community. Hence, one would expect Sen. T. A. Orji and his son Chinedum Orji to reciprocate this compassionate gesture with empathy, at least. But instead of that, what Amaokwe Ugba Community is getting in return are intimidations, deaths, dispossession of their Communal and personal resources, and terror, all because of the insatiable greed of the Orjis.

Family Writers Press International, reporting.

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