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Biafra Emaciation: History Of Household Intellectuals' Consistent Treachery And Conspiracy of Silence

 Biafra Emaciation: History Of Household Intellectuals' Consistent Treachery And Conspiracy of Silence In the Catalonia referendum vote ...

 Biafra Emaciation: History Of Household Intellectuals' Consistent Treachery And Conspiracy of Silence

In the Catalonia referendum vote in 2017, the question that was on the ballot is: Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic? The “Yes” side won in a landslide, with (90.18%) voting for independence and (7.83%) voting against. Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan leader at the time, rejected every offer of compromise from Madrid, and stood with his people’s demand. Although in exile now, his commitment and consistency, and of course the patriotic support of his successor has kept the demand for Catalan's independence alive.

The Catalan government is already autonomous, with far reaching control, in the exception of a few things. Still, their intellectuals are at the forefront of the demand for total and absolute independence. The new set of leadership has made it clear to Madrid that their loyalty lies with their people.

Compare that to a long list of Biafran intellectuals and politicians' treacherous behaviors. It is not the advances of the Biafran enemies that is painful, it is our elites' failure to repel them. The overwhelming weakness and double standardness of these learned folks is badly annoying and disgusting.

After the gruesome and brutal war of cultural and historical obliteration, levied by the United kingdom against Biafrans in 1967-70, these intellectuals without hesitation, and in total sabotage of the guerrilla warfare, grovelled to the enemy and negotiated for themselves and their acolytes, leaving the masses in limbo.

At first, they pretended to be fighting for the people, without disclosing their loyalty to the Fulani agreements they signs before assuming any political or appointed post. Do not worry yourself by thinking about it. You already know by the actions of  some of them like Orji Uzor Kalu who used his Sun Newspaper to exploit the emotions of the people and generates revenue for himself. This aside from embezzlement of public coffers. Yes he did nothing to rescue Aba!

It is hard to tell which is usually worse: their deceptive demand before or disgraceful leadership after entering into corridors of power. So, with total disregard to their infamous roles under military dictatorships, once Olusegun Obasanjo (the Western government’s spy) was smuggled to office in 1999, they moved to resource control and constitution amendment. Once they receive some form of settlement, they always move on to something else. Something that would spike the emotions of the people and make them appear representative. That is why you should just wait before you jump into the bandwagon of the people singing praises of Chukwuma Soludo, the newly elected Governor of Anambra. It is very appealing and tempting, we want him to succeed, but we know how this usually ends. 

If he was there as central bank governor without as little as removing the Arabic inscription in the currencies of Nigeria, a thing he publicly criticized, do you really think he can disobey Fulanis(their political masters)? In case you are confused, the Fulani made him CBN governor. The only way he can defeat them is for him to work with the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB). Something the Catalan leaders did effortlessly. But, only time shall tell if he can do that.

To tell you how inconsequential and debased these double agents are, once Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came along with his serious demand for a referendum, the sleeper cells became activated. They started demanding “restructuring.” They even threatened a sabotage of 2019 general elections without restructuring. Well, 2019 has come and gone but since Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was abducted by Nigerian government agents from Kenya, they have all gone mute. Their muteness is neither surprising nor shocking but rather speaks volumes.

With the myriad of problems intentionally placed upon indigenous people by United kingdom such as deplorable road networks, unending strike from every sectors(especially education), poor infrastructure, zero functional airports and seaports, etcetera, the least expected of them was demand for equity. Instead they jostle among themselves for the position of the most favored slave; a spiteful and shameful position in total support to the oppressors and disregard to the suffering of the oppressed.

This disregard is why one Peter Obi would be bold to declare his intent to preside over Nigeria while Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is being tortured in the Department of State Services, DSS dungeon. This he did despite the insecurity partly caused by police brutality and uncouth politicians, benefitting from crises and trying to set the stage for a lopsidedness.

It is not their willingness to run that is the problem, but the lopsidedness of the system. How can a Catalonia that is autonomous encounter problems, yet somehow, someone thinks that a Nigeria president of Igbo extraction will succeed, without redress to structural imbalance and rigged system? Not to talk of the absolute charade of the entire exercise. And this is the problem. It is the reason some one like Ike Ekweremadu and his colleagues and the entire Biafraland political actors would continue to draw salary at the expense of the people, without a fight. Would a political class that feels the pain of the people not fight or at least commit to a mass resignation?

The Catalan intellectuals path to redemption should be the part of Biafra intellectuals too. But their history of inconsistency and silence is so decayed.



Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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