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Nigeria: Five Inexcusable Ways To Avert The Looming Bloody Scourge On The Country

 Nigeria: Five Inexcusable Ways To Avert The Looming Bloody Scourge On The Country The deadly inaction of the global community made way for ...

 Nigeria: Five Inexcusable Ways To Avert The Looming Bloody Scourge On The Country

The deadly inaction of the global community made way for the unhealthy alliance between United Kingdom and the Soviet Union in the 1967-1970 invasion of Biafra. That bloody invasion has continued to prick the conscience of the international community while displaying their penchant for hypocrisy. And to guarantee some form of redemption for United Kingdom and ensure lasting peace, progress and prosperity, these five(5) things need to happen.

1. The Unconditional Release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu:-

In this regard, I will strongly describe the assertion that "United Nations was formed to guarantee world peace" as being very  far from the truth.  The abduction of a nonviolent freedom fighter, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a law abiding citizen and civilian by state actors from United Kingdom, Nigeria and Kenya. More prove to this is the obvious conspiracy of silence from the bureaucratic bloc. That he will be abducted, tortured and incarcerated for making a valid and democratic demand for referendum and self determination is unbelievable. But now, Nnamdi Kanu has a huge followership. And their demand is simple: his unconditional release and referendum for Biafra. They are not mincing words as to what effect his continued torture will have in their nonviolent approach!

2. Give Biafrans A Date For Referendum:-

It is the height of deception, hypocrisy, double standard and, I dare say, a tinge of white supremacy for United Kingdom to be inciting and instigating trouble upon indigenous Biafran people for something it willfully offered Scotland. It is suspicious and has manufactured a burning desire in Biafrans to insist that white supremacy be ruled out, and the needful done, which is a date for referendum! 

3. De-Militarization And De-Fulanization Of Biafraland:-

The northern part of Nigeria is infested by several terrorists and rebranded terrorists including Bokoharam, Bandits, Fulani Herdsmen, Islamic State's West Africa Province(ISWAP), etc. And their daily atrocious activities, such as kidnapping for ransom, killing spree leading to sacking of many communities, burning down of people’s businesses, bombing of trains and hijacking airport, to mention a few. These things are prevalent in the north and there is carefully calculated effort to continually suppress them. Those ruling the north have ensured that these things never made the news. Sadly, the Nigerian security architecture, including the army is cowardly not having the willingness to confront this because, they owe their allegiance to the sponsors of these acts. Instead, different military onslaughts with deceptive nomenclatures have been launched into Biafraland, and the order appears to be for them to be the poster boy of the Fulani militia. 

The Nigerian security, including the army, must be pulled back and out of Biafraland. It should be made clear that the indigenous people have suffered and are no longer willing to tolerate an army used as a cannon fodder for Fulani territorial grabbing and expansion agenda. An army that have lost nationalistic values and have become a regionized and fulanized one. It is on record that no region is as militarized as Biafraland (Old Eastern Nigeria). The decision to move military hardware and personnel to a peaceful environment and away from terrorism, tells you all you need to know about this government.

4. There Must Be A Security and Economic Guarantee:-

That the entire security apparatus of a country is the absolute control of a belligerent tribe, that have a history of conquest is shocking. And that this particular handlers of security tribe is responsible for terrorism is unfortunate, to say the least!

The Fulani are not dumb. They spitefully took control of every sector of governance to allow for a smooth Islamization of Nigeria. Anything else anyone is saying is inconsequential to us. The decision to hand over monopoly to Dangote is a security risk too. The moribund nature of Biafraland seaports and the lack of international airports are government anti-people police of economic strangulation. That too is a security risk. There should be a Biafraland economic, political and social guarantee to be provided by United States, Israel, Japan, China and Germany, for peace to reign.

5. Let There Be Sanctioning Of Invading Nations:-

Africa as a continent have passed through enough subjugation and invasion already. While no western government can be exonerated, it is the activities of France in Francophone countries, especially in Ambazonia, and the uncommon alliance between two archenemies(Russia and United Kingdom) against the indigenous people of Biafra that is most worrisome. If the western countries cannot cease and desist from their economic and political interference, then all the talks about haveing great civilization and democracy where justice prevails is all noise and trash. If this status quo continues, can the United States claim not to be a direct beneficiary of the exploitation of Biafra and Ambazonia by United Kingdom and France, her allies? Does the United States have a moral compass over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine if they cannot control and sanction their lapdogs(France and United Kingdom)?

France and United Kingdom have done irreparable damage to Africa and now is the time to hold them accountable.

Finally, the problem of Nigeria is a myriad, but it is not such a complex one, if the world wills to to the needful.

However, continuing to maintain this ugly silence on the evils being committed again an indigenous nation will one day amount to a bloody tornado.



Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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