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The Igbos and Apostle Suleiman’s False-Ecclesia Demagoguery

 The Igbos and Apostle Suleiman’s False-Ecclesia Demagoguery Apostle Suleiman These are interesting times. The Church of God is undergoing a...

 The Igbos and Apostle Suleiman’s False-Ecclesia Demagoguery

Apostle Suleiman

These are interesting times. The Church of God is undergoing a cleansing. The counterfeits are advancing to be recognized. First came Fatoyimbo of COZA who said Igbos could not build mega churches because they are stingy and hustlers. It didn’t occur to him that the huge number of Catholic Churches around are built with mostly Igbo resources. And that his own Church also has Igbo money etched in its bricks and mortars.

 Then came Fr Anelu of Holy Trinity Catholic Church Ikorodu, Lagos, who it was reported took umbrage at the singing of Igbo songs during his Mass. A most embarrassing development. Recently Pastor Tunde Bakare stepped up to the plate with his Pseudo-Balewa Curse narrative. This too has been delt with.

The latest in this list of ignominy is Apostle Suleiman who unbeknownst to many is in the league of half-baked ministers prancing around in the Holy Name of Christ our Lord. In his tirade he called Igbos shameless for not uniting to support Biafra blaming Igbos for pulling Okadigbo down from the Senate Presidency. Indeed, several times in the past he had prophesied about Biafra becoming a reality. But we are wiser than this. 

We don’t need no outsiders beating the drum for us. Apostle Suleiman should direct his clairvoyance to his people and leave Igbos alone. His people also need redemption. Probably in exasperation he wants to push his own prophecy to its own self-fulfillment. It is this kind of desperation that compel such men to sponsor insurrections in the Southeast in order to shout “Eureka.”

Igbos are a republican people. Nobody is a god in our land. We examine issues before we believe and we like it that way. We help one another to achieve. That is why the Igbo apprenticeship system is a subject of study in many foreign universities today. We help you stand on your own and we let you be. Nobody is Lord over the other.

 Bible says to have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness but to expose them. Again that “…thou shalt know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” In obedience to the scriptures, I have elected to set things aright in order to save the milling crowd surrounding these charlatans from the spell of false-ecclesia demagoguery. Many believers today cannot read their Bible but rely on the reading and interpretation of a handful of gold-diggers under the false flag of pastoral anointing but who are just loose cannons. 

If Apostle Suleiman indeed understands the Bible which he elects to preach he would have known that not all Israelites agreed with Moses on the Exodus. If he were educated enough, he would have read how the Jews laughed Theordore Hetzel to scorn when he advocated for a homeland for Israel more than 50 years before the birth of Israel.

 When Caesar invaded Britain he had collaborators among the indigenous clans it didn’t stop Britain from securing its independence after nearly 400 years of Roman savagery and domination. Infact at the time Rome withdrew its soldiers home to quell internal insurrections some British people who were benefiting from Roman overlordship went to beg the Roman Army to return.  It didn’t stop Britain from being free and rising to become the greatest empire the world has every known.

 Quislings have been long in history. They would always be among you. We hope that people like Suleiman could understand this. That Igbos would won't dance to the beats of a stranger’s clock.

One only hopes that there would be reasonable members in Apostle Suleman's Church to inform him that it was not an Igbo man that removed Evan(s) Enwerem. That it was not Anyim Pius Anyim that removed Okadigbo. These were deeds done by the Nigerian Senate on account of the “Banana Peel” saga. In all circumstance each of these were replaced by an Igbo. No harm at all.

The entire Southeast has only 15 Senators out of the 109 in the red chamber. How could 15 members remove a Senate president. Is he so shameless that he didn't know that it was a northerner that exposed Salisu Buhari, the first Speaker of the House in the 4th republic on account of his certificate forgery. What about Patricia Ette.  Were these all Igbos. If a leader were found to be corrupt, should he or she not face the law? What a shame. What a contradiction! How can a man whose name is the Arabic form for Solomon, known for his wisdom become so Nabal.

Written by Mazi Uzodinma Cosmas

Published by Family Writers Press International.

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