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The Independence of Biafra passes through the trial of Mazi Kanu

 The Independence of Biafra passes through the trial of Mazi Kanu April 7, 2022  The independence of Biafra passes through the trial of Mazi...

 The Independence of Biafra passes through the trial of Mazi Kanu

April 7, 2022 

The independence of Biafra passes through the trial of Mazi Kanu

This Friday, April 8, 2022, the leader of the IPOB movement, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, will be tried in the court of Abuja, the current Nigerian capital.

On June 19, 2021, in Nairobi, Kenyan agents, although there was no arrest warrant, arrested and tortured Mazi Kanu, and then extradited him to Nigeria on June 27.  Since then, the IPOB leader has been detained not in a prison, but in a solitary confinement of the DSS, the Nigerian secret service.

The crime for which this "Nelson Mandela of Biafra" was arrested is simply to abide by the Nigerian law, CAP A9, article 20, laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, ie self-determination, an inviolable international law at the basis of civilization.  Kanu is, in fact, championing the call for referendum, to ask for the independence of Biafra, an independence which disappeared in the distant 15 January 1970, when the dream of the Igbo people ended with the defeat of General Chukwuemeka.  Since then, the reconciliation process has been repeatedly put to the test by the countless massacres perpetrated by Islamic extremist groups, which have led to around 5 million deaths in recent years.  

If we consider that the north of Nigeria, twelve states, are under Sharia law, or at least that interpreted by the terrorist group Boko Haram, we will understand how this advance terrorizes the south of the country, represented by Christians and Jews.  These killings and persecutions fuels the emergence of Kanu and the entire IPOB movement for the struggle of survival and restorartion!

 The current Nigerian state was established about 100 years ago from the union of British colonies, under the work of Governor Frederick J. D. Lugard I, Baron of Lugard, who united 36 states under the same flag.  It was his wife who came up with this name, “Nigeria” Of course, no one asked the opinion of those who had lived in that land for centuries.  So why start doing it differently right now?  Why listen to the popular will, the cries of pain for the countless massacres carried out to date?

A key point is that, at the time of his arrest, Kanu had an English passport.  Of course the British silence has nothing to do with Shell's interests in Nigeria, never be!

Last February 15, in Rome, an IPOB delegation protested in Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, asking the Italian government to intervene by issuing a declaration for the release of Mazi Kanu.

 Mazi Kanu, as a member of the Igbo ethnic group, is a Jewish member of the Association of Jewish Faith and a delegation of the Jewish movement UFEC arrived to support the brothers of Biafra, in which the president Massimiliano Salvini also publicly testified to the closeness and the friendship of Francesco Toscano, president of the Ancora Italia party.

Following this, the Nigerian government has called the Italian government to ensure that it will seek a peaceful resolution.  For its part, the Italian government has placed the release of Mazi Kanu as a prerequisite for carrying out commercial negotiations regarding Nigerian gas, thus trusting that where justice does not arrive, economic interests can arrive.

We, of course, trust in Hashem's intervention, which brings salvation to his people, when he cries out to him, wherever he is dispersed.  The approach of Pesach, our feast of liberation, may be a good omen for the liberation of our brother Mazi Kanu and of all the Biafrano people.  Betzrad Hascem.

Source: L’indipendenza del Biafra passa per il processo a Mazi Kanu

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