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The Nigeria DSS Should Tell Us The Whereabouts Of Godwin Idara

 The Nigeria DSS Should Tell Us The Whereabouts Of Godwin Idara Family Writers Press International(FWPI) has on the 10th of April, 2022 rece...

 The Nigeria DSS Should Tell Us The Whereabouts Of Godwin Idara

Family Writers Press International(FWPI) has on the 10th of April, 2022 received another report on how the Nigeria Department of State Services(DSS) have continually resfused go provide Godwin Idara before the court or tell her whereabout people and lawyer.

According to Barrister Nnaemeka Ejiofor, Idara's lawyers; "Each time we go to court for the enforcement of Godwin Joy Idara's fundamental right application that was filed in the month of November last year 2021, the Judge keeps giving us excuses. She keeps saying that she is not ready for the hearing of Godwin Idara's case. As a result, she has kept on adjourning the matter without any reasons for us to take home".

Recall that Godwin Joy Idara was abducted in Enugu on 8th November 2021, and an information was later received that she has been transferred to Abuja DSS Headquarters. But since her abduction, all efforts made to see her by both her lawyer and her family members  have proved abortive. The DSS have cruelly denied everyone the chance to see Idara and ascertain what her condition is even like.

This case of Idara's illegal abduction was filed before Justice Maha's presided Federal High Court 11, Abuja in the above stated month. And the last court hearing date was 6th April 2022. But immediately it was time for Idara's matter, the Judge looked at Idara's lawyer and said "I'm not ready for this matter now, therefore, come back in the next 4 months, 21 July 2022".

This led the applicant's lawyer to start wondering what is actually going on? He told the Judge that this matter is about the enforcement of his client's fundamental right which was filed since November 2021. Barrister Nnaemeka reminded the judge that the DSS have blatantly refused to charge the girl to court or even allow the lawyer or parents see her in their custody.

Yet, the judge ignored him and moved on to another matter. That is how Idara's case of 6th April 2022 was not also heard.

So, the lawyer decided on that same day to make some more serious investigative moves on the true state of Idara, considering the obviously suspicious behaviors of the Judge. It was then that Barrister Nnaemeka Ejiofor learnt from the DSS that Godwin Idara is no more at their DSS custody in Abuja. But they did not tell where she has been moved to.

The question now is, Where have they kept Idara?

According to the lawyer, the DSS said that the investigations about Idara was concluded since 15th January, 2022. They further told the lawyer that Idara's offence was that she wore Biafra colored attire during her birthday celebration, and that she also campaigned for Biafra on her social media wall, Facebook precisely.

However, the DSS should have charged Idara to court, regarding these accusations. Yet till today, they have refused to do so.

Currently, Godwin Joy Idara is no more at DSS custody in Abuja. On one, including the family and lawyer knows where the DSS kept her and continuously subjecting her to torture.

The DSS should be reminded that Self-determination is a fundamental right of every human. This is clearly stated in the United Nation's Charter, which the Nigerian government is a signatory to. How then does campaigning for freedom on social media become unlawful?

Why are the human rights organizations so deadly silent about this matter? Why are the women rights organizations not saying anything to condemn this evil that is being meted on an innocent girl?

The DSS must tell the whereabout of Godwin Joy Idara to her people and lawyer. Or release her outrightly bacause she has not committed any crime known to law.



Family Writers Press International, reporting

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