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FWPI Editorial: Biafra, The Fear That Must Be Inexcusably Addressed

 FWPI Editorial: Biafra, The Fear That Must Be Inexcusably Addressed For many decades now, the Biafra subject has triggered diverse reaction...

 FWPI Editorial: Biafra, The Fear That Must Be Inexcusably Addressed

For many decades now, the Biafra subject has triggered diverse reactions from different peoples. This certainly, is resulting from the inalienable fact that "whenever the name 'Biafra' is sounded, it peculiarly poses divergent meanings to different hearers.”

To individuals who are lost in the raging ocean of the lies on which the British contraption (Nigeria) is founded, they perceive Biafra as an unrealizable dream, because their brains have been so poorly programmed by the Nigerian system, and they literally do not think useful thoughts anymore. They have been so brainwashed with the distorted lines that says "Nigeria will remain one indivisible county", and all of such.

To the Family members of the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), and to other millions of IPOB supporters in both Biafraland and beyond, Biafra represents the "desired freedom and peace.” So, people in this class never hesitates to speedily welcome the idea of Biafra freedom, whenever the discussion is initiated.

But there are yet other parties in whom the name 'Biafra' triggers different forms of fears when mentioned. It is to the people on this side that I am directing this article to. Britain, Fulani Oligarchs and greedy South East politicians are all in this class. For them, the unity of Nigeria is an enterprise that must never be tampered with by anybody. So, the idea of referendum spells danger to their corrupt minds, because they do know that a very greater percentage of other entrapped ethnic nations in Nigeria, aside Biafrans will vote to leave the union.

For close to two centuries now, Britain in particular have lived hugely on both the human and natural resources from Biafra land, and used them to build their country. It is so much so that Britain can closely be said to not have other sufficient sources to make good national income without sucking from the Biafra resources. Take for instance, for every thirty-one (31) barrels of crude oil that the Nigerian government milks from Biafraland, Britain takes away thirty (30), leaving Nigeria with just one. The plundering is that huge. And that is why it is so difficult for them to overlook. They are willing to exterminate Biafrans for this purpose.

As a result of these, every other person that are aiding the thievery, ranging from the Fulani Oligarchs to other greedy politicians of Biafra extraction can commit any blunder and go free. This is why these politicians steal several resources that belong to the public, and are not questioned. Because those that control the system (the British) are actually paving way for them (Nigeria politicians) to flourish in the crimes, as a pay for continuing to play their devilish assistance to the British in looting Biafran resources.

But one thing is certain. The Biafra restoration project is divine. It cannot be stopped by humans, not when those it is handed to are willing to sacrifice anything sacrificeable to see the Biafra restoration come through. This is a fact that Britain and all those fighting the Biafra restoration process must accept. When they do this early enough, then it will make things easy for all.

The Biafra that IPOB dreams to restore is one that will welcome both bilateral and multilateral economic partnerships. Britain will have the chance to still partner with a free Biafra and legally obtain whatever they wish to get from Biafra soil, than continue to steal from the people. To the south east politicians, IPOB have severally emphasized that the window of repentance is still open for any of them that wishes to turn over a new leaf.

Therefore, wisdom demands that all come in terms with the Biafra restoration idea, since it cannot be stopped either. The British and all their accomplices in the crimes against the Biafran people should muster the courage to accost their fears about letting Biafra restoration become a reality, and permit a United Nation's supervised referendum. Biafrans will settle for nothing less!



Written by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

Editor, Family Writers Press International

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