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The British Broadcasting Corporation Is A Clear Representation Of Something Worst Than Falsehood

 The British Broadcasting Corporation Is A Clear Representation Of Something Worst Than Falsehood Beside a complicated claim of private owne...

 The British Broadcasting Corporation Is A Clear Representation Of Something Worst Than Falsehood

Beside a complicated claim of private ownership, the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC), established in 1922 is notorious for pushing the British government's foreign policy, propaganda narratives and, distortion of news. BBC in their usual well coordinated misinformations starts wars, are anti-Israel and anti-Semites, anti Judeo-Christian cultures(disregard their claim to the contrary), pro-Jihadism, anti conservatism (especially conservative minorities such as Biafrans). And the list continues.

There is a verifiable and evidentiary proof of a nexus between the real owners(British government) and the globalist liberals that own the big pharmaceutical companies, military industrial complex and the mainstream medias. That they entrench in smear and slander is not even news. The real deal is the direct involvement of the United Kingdom(UK) government media laundry team called the ‘Ministry of Truth' also known as the ‘Disinformation Team’, defending an oppressive regime over an oppressed people inflicted with grave injustice. And one is compelled to ask if this is accidental or a grand design.

It is particularly of serious concerns that not long after President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security(DHS) created a ‘Disinformation Bureau', the UK government dims it fit to create a duplicate, to confuse the world on issues relating to the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB). It is also discomforting that a news media that helped to propagate falsehood against a former United States president, Donald J Trump, spread misinformation about COVID-19, engaged in malicious spread of fake news leading to countless wars will virtue signal and refer to a ‘Volunteer Army of Journalists' also called ‘Media Warriors' as ‘bribe takers. That "fake news BBC" would not even acknowledge the word ‘referendum’ as their demand, neither would they even acknowledge Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a British citizen of color, renditioned in an extraordinary manner. It is insulting to refer to Biafran freedom fighters as "Nigerians calling for violence over Biafra".

There are two interesting events this week that guaranteed the inevitable obvious involvement of the fake news BBC. One is the debunking of the fake news that UK government has joined Nigeria to proscribe IPOB, to the extent that Catriona Laing, the High Commissioner had to shamelessfully give a press statement, referring to the fake news as ‘inaccurate and untrue.’ The other is the forceful dismantling of a propaganda video defaming IPOB. The poor performance of the media arm of the Nigeria presidency, headed by Liar Mohammed and Garba Shehu meant that the adults have to come in and salvage the media war between the Fulani controlled government of Nigeria and the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), which Nigeria is at the verge of losing and will lose, regardless! 

Now, let us look at the fake news from BBC one by one. It will enable us to tell the story from the beginning and not cherry-pick, for the purpose of supporting our narrative. Because the society will not achieve peace by half-truths or telling stories from the end or the middle.

On the same day BBC chose to blackmail Nneka and Omote, Fulani Jihadists killed 20 Christians, taken hostage including a Reverend Priest. BBC editorial did not find the news worthy. A perfect example that BBC is anti-Christian. Notice how they attack social media for providing a front line for those ‘continuing the struggle' and waning their media dominance. They called on Mark Zuckerberg to not allow repressed people have a voice. Strangely avoided Twitter because the new owner can not be hoodwinked. If only they could tame Biafrans' social media influence, the battle is as good as won.

If BBC was interested in telling the truth, it would expose the many hate speeches Imams say in mosques that ushers in every religious crisis. If it wanted to de-escalate tension, it would report on the anachronistic behavior of AK47 welding Fulani herders who obviously have never clashed with farmers but, who is rather willfully killing farmers. BBC would report the countless unprovoked killing of unarmed protesters, Biafran protesters by the Nigeria forces. It would desist from using the already debunked propaganda video of army couple, etcetera.

There is a painful inter-relatedness between the Nazis and the British government. The Nazi killed minorities. Britain also kills but disingenuously blame the victims for killing themselves. It has been disclosed recently that the New York Times is antisemite. New York Times(NYT) knew about Hitler’s atrocious acts towards the Jews, but did not report it for over a year. Reporting it would have helped to stop the killing of Jews early on. The BBC is in agreement with NYT, continuing the media trend and pattern against Biafrans.



Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For: Family Writers Press International


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