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The Fulanis Are Useful Subversive Tools, Incapable Of Loving You

 The Fulanis Are Useful Subversive Tools, Incapable Of Loving You The world generally, is cruel and dangerous. It is controlled by a few mea...

 The Fulanis Are Useful Subversive Tools, Incapable Of Loving You

The world generally, is cruel and dangerous. It is controlled by a few mean individuals (woke liberals and their morally bankrupt double-faced capitalist friends), who control the mainstream media, big pharmaceutical companies and the military industrial complex. Their motto is: “Do not let a good crisis go to waste.” At first, the crisis was natural or spontaneous. Now, it is done synthetically! So, these mean syndicates create the crisis for money making. For example, they created business opportunities for the big pharmaceutical companies for two years on through the Coronavirus (if you like call it Chinese Virus) pandemic. Presently, and quite honestly, the Ukrainian war reeks of opportunistic creation for the military industrial complex. 

The Ukrainians seem to be pawns in a big power game while the media lie about it. The dominance of English and French channels and the inability to understand Russian (or Putin’s) position is very troubling. The recent acknowledgement by non other than Noam Chomsky (a brutal liberal critic) that president Donald Trump is the ‘one statesman of stature’ pushing peace in Ukraine is revealing. While the media do not tell the truth, his liberal voice shows that this war was started without attempt at negotiations. It is indicative of how most are antiwar but not pro-Ukraine!

The use of propaganda to start a war is a norm for globalists. Anyone who refuses to kowtow suffers a brutal fate – including Donald Trump. The things done to his presidency are beginning to unravel with revelations from Special Counsel, John Durham. The globalist's utopian vision is to classify every dissent as a conspiracy theory. 

In Nigeria, the sad death of journalism follows a global trend. Hence, the Nigerian media are conscripted to push a narrative. And any contradictory opinion is labeled a ‘conspiracy theory.’ A good example of a conspiracy theory in Nigeria is a simple truth like: “Fulani are using cattle as a tool of conquest” or “The farmers killed in their ancestral lands did not clash with AK47 wielding Fulani herdsmen.’ Sadly, the biggest loser of fake news in Nigeria are Biafran intellectual and politician who has chosen a life of pacifism in exchange for a Fulani love that will never happen while unpopular before his people.

It is annoying, to be diplomatic, watching southern intellectuals and/or politicians (especially Biafrans) defend Fulani atrocious acts and Nigeria’s imperfect union simply because they want to be anointed for the highest office to preside over Nigeria. For the record, Niger (76,363KM square), Borno (70,898KM Square), Bauchi (45,878KM Square) and Yobe (45,502KM Square) States have more land mass than South-west or Oduduwa land (79,665KM Square), South-south and South-east (Biafraland 29,525KM Square + 84,587KM Square). Therefore, it is certainly not about lack of land.

The upcoming Nigerian general elections will further prove (a. that Biafran politicians can never be selected or anointed) and (b. that Fulani are useful idiots the United Kingdom is using to perpetuate an expired unworkable union about to collapse). We have even started seeing it. The last thing the Nigerian Fulani will do was to be alive and allow Igbo man be the president of Nigeria. It is better for Biafran politicians to come to terms with this reality than continue to grovel! 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu prophesied long ago, that any Biafran that served the Zoo called Nigeria will come back disgraced. Our politicians should stop being vassals and stooges to the British pawn – Fulani! It will only end in uselessness and disgrace!!

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For: Family Writers Press International

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