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Why Heading To Imo State On The Same Day A Wedding Was Slated To Hold By 9:30am In Benue?

 Why Heading To Imo State On The Same Day A Wedding Was Slated To Hold By 9:30am In Benue? Do you know what was discovered about the soldier...

 Why Heading To Imo State On The Same Day A Wedding Was Slated To Hold By 9:30am In Benue?

Do you know what was discovered about the soldiers that were allegedly killed in Imo state? From every indication, the whole story was deliberately arranged, with the dirty intent of framing IPOB up. Read on to understand how we know.

As contained in the wedding invitation card made available by the Nigeria Army and Nigeria media, the wedding ceremony was slated to hold in Benue state by 9:30am of Saturday, 30th April, 2022. Also, the same Nigerian Army reported that the couple soldiers were killed while heading to Imo state for their traditional rites. And the report also allegedly the murder to have as well taken place on the same Saturday, 30th April, 2022.

According to Premium Times Newspaper, The Army  Chief, “Mr Nwachukwu said that the military personnels were travelling for their “traditional marriage formalities” in Imo State when they were attacked by the gunmen."

Premium Times Newspaper stated clearly that “Gunmen, on Saturday, killed two soldiers, at an unknown location in Imo State, Nigeria’s South-east" But, on the contrary, the wedding invitation of the couple, released by the military  states categorically that the Venue of the wedding ceremony was to be at "Spirit Filled Christian center Makurdi, Benue State the same Saturday they were killed . Why heading to Imo state the same day their wedding ceremony was slated by 9am in far away Benue State?

These whole contradictions calls for a sincere questioning from the public.

How could these couple soldiers be heading to Imo state on the same day they should wed in Benue state by 9am?

The recent unrest in the South East, and the activities of the "unknown gunmen"  have been confirmed by the Imo State supreme court governor, Hope Uzodimma before a video camera that they are not from the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB). Uzodimma said that they are handiworks of politicians. But the Nigeria military and media have baselessly continued to accuse IPOB.

In this case, the killing of the soldiers have not even be confirmed by any region or locality in the south East, unlike the Unknown Gunman activities that are usually made known to the public by the people in the area they operated. And now, the address in the released wedding card negates the reported murder region. Yet, IPOB is being accused without the least of investigations.

That this Buhari's regime of the Nigeria government has been in search of different ways to "tag the dog a bad name, as a measure to get it killed" is no more hidden.

They have previously committed all sorts of atrocious acts on Biafra soil and made several failed attempts to tag them on IPOB. And we know that they will continue to fail.

As it stands, there are so much questions surrounding this allegation of murdered couple soldiers see. And the general public are in the best position to ask the Nigeria Army and compromised Media for answers.

As far as IPOB is concerned, we know that the story was just arranged to frame us up because, based on the information available, the whole story is not adding up. IPOB have remained a peaceful movement in the midst of all the killings of our members. We have never retaliated. Is it now our own sister that we will derive joy in killing?

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