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Churches and non-Muslims will be attacked by Bandits, Terrorists--IPOB raises Alarm

 Churches and non-Muslims will be attacked by Bandits, Terrorists--IPOB raises Alarm The Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) has raised the al...

 Churches and non-Muslims will be attacked by Bandits, Terrorists--IPOB raises Alarm

The Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) has raised the alarm over possible attacks on Christians and non-Muslims in Biafra land by killer-herdsmen and bandits.

According to the Movement, the plot is to replicate the ugly incident of Owo, in Ondo State, where over 50 Christians were massacred, inside a church.

IPOB said it got intelligence from report from its security branch “M-Branch” that bandits were targeting churches, Christians, and their locations for imminent attacks, adding that Biafrans must be on the alert to avert the danger ahead.

IPOB’s Director of Media and Publicity, Emma Powerful, stated this in a statement, on Tuesday, the statement reads in full


We the global family of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our prophet and indefatigable liberator Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu has deemed it necessary to once again alert the Christians and the general public that Fulani people has devised another means of attack against Christians, churches and non-Muslims in Biafraland. 

The information contained in the intel received from our intelligence unit "the M.Branch" is that the Nigerian government is transferring bandits and terrorists as ostensible Christians into the Eastern region of Nigeria in readiness to replicate similar or deadlier terrorists act that was unleashed in Owo Catholic Church, Ogun state. 

We advice Christians and other religious leaders to sit up, be at alert and be security conscious as strange seeming worshippers of non-Igbo ethnicity would infiltrate their midst to commit havoc. They must be on the look out for Fulani looking persons that may come to join them in pretence as converted Christians, do not also be deceived into thinking that Fulanis don't speak Igbo, dress like Igbo and behaves like indigenes because they do. So many of them were born and brought up in Igbo-land and they know not just all nooks and crannies, they also understand all events and their seasons. 

These terrorists and bandits has flooded Biafraland especially the commercial cities like Aba, others in Abia State where Pastor Kumuyi  had chosen for his aborted crusade.

They parade themselves as having converted to Christianity and are being rejected by their Muslim families in the North, which for us is "tragedy waiting to happen". 

They now attach Christian names to their names as religious tricks to have you accept them. Examples Emmanuel Kabiru Sule,  Mathew Christian Shehu, John Lewis Katsina and others. 

They tell very pathetic stories that touches to heart of people of conscience like the Igbos, please don't allow them they are terrorists and bandits. Christians in Biafraland should know that they are the next target and they must take absolute security precautions as their plans are deadlier than can be imagined. 

Churches must introduce tighter and properly detailed security measures, Do not fall for this Fulani hoodwink, they're in our midst now. 

Always return home early, recognize and note the people and things around you.

All markets leaders are advised to beef up their securities because markets where our people stay and do business are another important target for fulani bandits they have encircled everywhere but they will fail and no body should entertain fear because IPOB/ESN are waiting for them, however be sure to take precautionary measures. 

Don't be quick to point or direct a stranger to your Pastor and your reverend fathers or rabbi or any other worker in your church. In the meantime, avoid night out and late night meetings and programmes. Dangers ahead are too enormous, be  ready for what is to come Biafrans and report suspected movements to IPOB office around you, we must bring them down they will not succeed. 

We have been encountering some of them at nights and day, carrying Security jobs beyond your imagination.

Everybody be watchful.


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