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Igbo Politicians Pays Nigerian Media To Make Slanderous Publications Against IPOB

 Igbo Politicians Pays Nigerian Media To Make Slanderous Publications Against IPOB For the records, the Nigerian politicians of Igbo extract...

 Igbo Politicians Pays Nigerian Media To Make Slanderous Publications Against IPOB

For the records, the Nigerian politicians of Igbo extraction are the most inhumane and conscienceless people on earth. They have little dignity, no integrity and are hypocrites.

To enable a reasonable and healthy conversation, dignity is simply the "state of being worthy of respect", and Integrity is the "quality of being honest and possession of high moral principle". While a hypocrite is someone that puts on false appearance of virtue or religion. From the above explanation, one cannot think of a better definition of how deplorable Igbo politicians have become, than to call them hypocrites. This is utterly disheartening because, prior to the civil war of ethnic cleansing on Biafrans, the dominant trait of an average Igbo public office holder was selflessness. They confined their selfish personality to the utmost. But today, the situation is a complete opposite.

The question of how Nigeria has become drifty or auto piloted needs be discussed. But to have a honest discussion and a permanent solution, the interaction must include from the very beginning to now. The interview granted Ahmadu Bello, in 1964, by the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) was a threat and hate speech against an ethnic group. With disregard to the violence of 1945 and 1953, which the British colonial imperialists pampered and condoned for foreign policy benefits, this post-independence interview is a good place to start. Why is that so? Because it is the germination point of the characteristic display of total surrender to a rival political and ethnic ideology. Not a single politician from the old Eastern region condemned Ahmadu Bello or called him out. They were bound to their British oppressors with so much political control in the new country. Nevertheless, the new breed of politicians who currently run the affairs of Igboland are the worst of their kinds.

In 2017, while the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was negotiating for a better outcome for his people(the Biafran people), they (Ohanaeze and South-east governors) planned to kill him by secretively inviting the military, and offering the quota system attorney general of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami to quickly get an experte injunction to proscribe IPOB. Their intention was to blackmail IPOB to kowtow their demand for Anambra state governorship election and support their misguided and insincere quest for restructuring. But, this also failed. So, having exhausted every iota of reasonable and convincing argument, #EndSars protest offered them a new approach to political power grabbing. A sinister and barbaric way of excessive blood letting with impunity. Recall that with the sponsoring of thugs and the army to kill innocent protesters, the #EndSars protest of 2020 suffered a breakdown. And the corrupt politicians learned a creative way of forcing citizens to endure their unending political abuse.

Before our eyes, a new definition for terrorism now involves the shooting of unarmed civilians who are demanding referendum, while the real terrorists are offered exotic and luxurious lifestyle. This is wrong in every way, yet the abysmally creative Igbo politicians, who only makes quick to adapt to evil, took particular notice. They therefore invited the Nigeria Military for a killing exercise on Igbo soil, tagged "Operation Python Dance". And while the python danced, they cheered! While the Police Special Anti-robbery Squad(SARS) also took advantage of these Igbo politicians' cruelty and harvested organs of teenagers, extra judicialy killed, these politicians held a victory lap.

The very 2017 operation python dance and the 2020 #EndSars military clamp down on unarmed civilians changed the game in a number of ways. While it created unknown gunmen out of real victims, the Igbo politicians created a fifth column for political capital. Again, ask yourself where the military kept the weaponry and heavy armament brought to Anambra for the election before IPOB intelligence outsmarted them. Do you think they returned them back to where they were brought? Perhaps, such convoy cannot leave unnoticed! Since they were brought for a purpose and having confirmed the availability, do you trust this government not to continue pursuing the pre-election plan? Do you think the Igbo politicians have not, apart from creating there own fifth column, convinced the military, DSS, DMI, NIA, etc. that the only way to defeat the sit-at-home was to create security chaos?

In the past week, Christians have been killed (especially the killing of Deborah Yakubu), churches torched and Igbo businesses destroyed in Sokoto, Kano and Abuja. Igbo and southern politicians did not condemn the demonic action of Islamic fundamentalists. Those that spoke, using twitter like Reno Omokri, minimized the death of Deborah to prevent political backlash. They made her life a token for political lottery. As all these were happening, they quickly arranged with their contact in major news media within the country and in diaspora, including the BBC, to make sure the incidents were not given coverage. 

In the annals of this British contraption, the ignoble role of Igbo politicians, their compromised media friends who have given preference to chunks in a brown envelope over factual report, would be remembered! As for Reno Omokri and his e-rats, like @MrOdanz, they are part of the educated vagabonds promoting this putrid Lugardian contraption. The indigenous people of all ethnic stock forced into this unhealthy union see you for what you are. You are a political operative with a political axe to grind. No one takes you serious! While serious killing is ongoing in the north, with many Igbo businesses destroyed in Sokoto, Kano and Abuja, you kept silent. You quickly saw a political opportunity as a northern pacifist on accusing IPOB of being responsible for the alleged death of a woman and her children. 

It is shameful for someone, anyone to accuse IPOB. An organization whose members have gruesomely been maimed and murdered with impunity, in broad daylight. Yet that is what Reno Omokri and his e-rats are doing. And they are not alone. Here is the caption of a compromised national daily:

Daily Post: “IPOB Kills Woman, 4 Kids, 6 Other Northerners In Anambra”

The above misleading title was done at the behest of Igbo politicians in a bid to blackmail IPOB, wear it the terrorism toga and destroy it the way they did to #EndSars protest. But they will continue to fail.

The truth is that IPOB is only interested in the restoration of Biafra through a nonviolent approach. Despite all the provocations from the government agents, they have remained peaceful and nonviolent. Their only demand is a ‘referendum.’ Frankly, they have crossed the Rubicon and nothing will break their resolve!



Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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