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Nigeria Army Must Stop That Plan To Embark On House To House Search For Local Guns In Biafra Land- IPOB

Nigeria Army Must Stop That Plan To Embark On House To House Search For Local Guns In Biafra Land- IPOB  IPOB PRESS RELEASE  08/06/2022 We t...

Nigeria Army Must Stop That Plan To Embark On House To House Search For Local Guns In Biafra Land- IPOB



We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU raises alarm over secret genocide the Nigerian Army and its sisters security agencies wish to embark on against the innocent citizens of Obowu LGA, Achingali in Mbaise, Mbano LGAs, Ihite Uboma LGA of Imo State. 

These communities and local government areas were circled by Nigeria army and police to start their unlawful action, we raise alarm to the public, men and women of good conscience across the globe to prevail on Nigeria Government and its compromise security agents to leave Biafra territory alone and face fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen who are raping mothers and women in the North. 

The information contained in our knowledge indicated that the Nigeria Army and police has been deployed to these communities and areas to embarking house to house searching to mop up Hunter's guns and personal objects people use for their security, mostly single and double barrel being used for hunting games and for self defence from dangerous animals called themselves fulani terrorists as the government agencies cares less about their safety.

This move further confirms our yelling over the deliberate attempt to wipe Biafrans out for Fulanis to occupy out ancestral lands, We have also realized that the reason why Nigeria police and Army check points are mounted at every town's entrance and exit is to serve as Nigeria Government owned profiling base high net work individuals- Igbos and criminal gang network informant.

The Nigeria Army is now camped at Otoko police station, from where they will perfect their wicked operational plans with the conscripted local vigilantes and other bought overs as "ndi osuimi" that is traitors and sabotures in our midst and then move house to house encircled for collection of farmers den-guns made for self defence, meanwhile, Fulani-Terrorist Herdsmen kidnappers and Bandits freely with not just AK-47, AK-49, but now with Travor "Tar-21" of which only Nigeria Government was licensed and authorized to use. 

Travor Tar-21 in the hands of those we previously regard Herdsmen and kidnappers got us thinking that they either hire the special military ammunition for operation or that the police and the armed forces carry out such crimes on mufti dress in disguise and in communication with their colleagues at checkpoints with whom they share the Ransome after setting apart the share for "Óga at the top" after all no one checks the checker.

 IPOB has been vindicated by the latest development and information from the Methodist Prelate who was kidnapped last week, if not sincerity from this father, the enemies of Biafra freedom and independence, traitors would have hammered it on the IPOB family group. 

We have repeatedly reiterated that Nigeria Government and its security agencies especially Army and other security agencies were aiding Fulani to kidnap our people and accuse IPOB through the media disinformation, but now it's obvious they're in a joint venture and we want them to vacate our land. 

We want to make it clear to Nigeria Govt and her security agents that we want a peaceful referendum. 

We want Mazi Nnamdi kanu's immediate and unconditional release.

We want the military and police to stop impoverishing our people by way of Ransom collection which is being shared up to their highest command.

And that we shall not run away from our land and we do not seek to occupy covet anybody's land nor territories.


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