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PITIABLE! "I Will Always Hate This Country"-- Lady Who Lost Parents To Owo Massacre Promised

 PITIABLE! "I Will Always Hate This Country"-- Lady Who Lost Parents To Owo Massacre Promised Many people have expressed different...

 PITIABLE! "I Will Always Hate This Country"-- Lady Who Lost Parents To Owo Massacre Promised

Many people have expressed different emotions following the cruel terrorists attack in Owo Catholic church, Ondo State. This unfortunate incident is reported to have painfully taken the lives of over forthy(40) persons, and leaving several others with serious injuries. It has further pointed the citizens of Nigeria to how much helpless and worthless they are in their own country. The Christians as well, may now have understood that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was never wrong.

Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) has for years gone, been raising alarms via RadioBiafra, revealing that there is a Fulani conquest agenda on the people of Nigeria, which every body needs to rise and resist. Yet, so many people, especially church leaders ignored the warning. Soon, everybody will definitely move on, and forget the Owo killing like every other times when such gruesome murders that have taken place. But, one Lai Ajanaku, and people like her have been left with incurable wounds, and unfortunately for being in Nigeria.

Since the fallacious independence of 1960, the activities in the country 'Nigeria' has repeatedly shown that it was not founded to succeed. No! It was not formed for the good of the Indigenous peoples. Somehow, the original owners were hoodwinked, or brainwashed to believe that the existence and unity of Nigeria is something to die for. But, to say the truth, Nigeria was established for the sole benefit of two trespassing foreigners: one from the Sahel, Fulani(a downgraded Arab); and the other from Europe, the British. So, Nigeria is not worth dieing for.

There is something in a name. This is why Africans do not just answer any name. The name Nigeria could not have been given by an African because it does not bode well! It is not a coincidence that for over 50 years, the name of Nigeria follows it. The initial unprovoked killing of 1945 and 1953 aside, it was the pogrom or ethnic cleansing of 1967 that set the tone! The stoic or painless attitude of Nigerians must have been nerving for a distant observer. 

The brutality of Bokoharam rattled the already overburdened inhabitants of the British modern day slave camp, but it was the forceful southward encroachment of ancestral lands that finally got serious attentions. The Luke-warmness of those in the positions of leadership offered the constant butchery of Christians (in the company of moderate Muslims). The Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) cannot deny that this is completely their fault. They exploited the feelings of the people for their selfish gain. A simple solution to the wanton destruction of lives would have been a courageous declaration of self defense. But the church leaders punted!

The relatives of the victims of Saint Theresa Catholic Church, Madalla, Niger State, and Nigerians in general moved on. It was wrong for them to have moved on the way they did, but they were misled by church leaders and politicians. They did not get any justice, neither did they make any protest. It is dangerous for a country to be so careless about the victims of any horrific attack or the pains their loved ones go through. Nothing breeds hatred and unpatriotic behavior faster. The #EndSars killings has produced a generation of unpatriotic citizens with deep resentment or hatred for Nigeria and rightfully so. Now, after the ugly incident in Saint Xavier Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo state, the people have finally realized the similarities between politicians and church leaders.

The love for Nigeria by Nigerians is totally draining and hitting the rock. Do not take my word for it. Below is a message from a pained heart, Lady Ajanaku, after her parents were killed in the Owo Massacre, in Ondo state. Ajanaku wrote; “The Audacity Of Nigeria To Take My Parents From Me. I Will Always Hate This Country. It is a Promise.”

This is the general feeling of others from southern Kaduna to Taraba state. From Plateau state to Benue state. From Sokoto to Lagos. From Kano to Enugu. From Port Harcourt to Akure. Nigerians feel dejected and abandoned. Correspondingly, they hate Nigeria with passion. Now you understand why it is not working.

And indeed, no one in their right senses would love Nigeria. It is incapable of being loved. The only way to pacify the hate of people on the British contraption is to have it divided now. Let everyone go their separate ways and gradually heal from the pains Nigeria has inflicted on all.



Writer Onyemachi Gabriel

Editor Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

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