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The Alleged IPOB Pipeline Vandalization: Western Allies Of Nigeria Knows That Buhari Lied

The Alleged IPOB Pipeline Vandalization: Western Allies Of Nigeria, Knows That Buhari Lied In an interview aired by a United States based me...

The Alleged IPOB Pipeline Vandalization: Western Allies Of Nigeria, Knows That Buhari Lied

In an interview aired by a United States based media outfit, Bloomberg, Buhari said that the vandalism and oil theft allegedly carried out by the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) were responsible for the shortfall of the daily oil production quota in Nigeria. The Nigerian president went further to unashamedly accuse the international communities of harbouring those that are sponsoring IPOB in what he(Buhari) called terrorism.

This is indeed crazy and extremely laughable. Because the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB have never involved in any form of pipeline vandalization; be it water, gas or oil pipelines. The movement has no proven record of involvement in any  of the damages going in Nigeria today. Yet, the Nigerian President did not even take some time to rightly frame his usual lies, before moving on to publicly disgrace his country in the presence of world leaders, a people that knows better than he can imagine.

"One does not need an eye-glass to clearly behold what he/she is wearing on wrist, unless the person have eye problem". The plea by the Nigerian government via her president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), praying her western allies to designate the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) as a terrorist group has clearly proven beyond doubt, that the lies and hatreds on IPOB and Biafrans by Nigeria, is blindfolding. Why would a president who truly know the pipeline vandalizers prefer to disgrace his country before the world by accusing IPOB of vandalization? 

Evidently, the acts of IPOB has been very clear and on public domains since inception. From the results of several local and international investigations, the IPOB movement's widely know activities have never included terrorism. This Muhammadu Buhari's Nigeria government is the first, and have remained the only people pointing such wrong accusing fingers on the indigenous people's movement, and baselessly doing so. There have been so many previous instances where Nigeria government made such cruel allegation on IPOB, but after all the investigations, the result is always a vindication of the movement and an indictment on the Fulani herdsmen, Nigerian security or politically sponsored criminals. But the government have made IPOB members to suffer unimaginably from the many lies and blackmails, sponsored by this same Nigerian government who left havoc wrecking Fulanis to walk freely.

We will continue to emphatically put things straight in the minds and perceptions of all who care to know the truth. In objectives, strategies and acts, IPOB is totally different from all groups in the British contraption, Nigeria. This must be clearly understood. The activities of Niger-Delta militants, The Unknown Gunman, or those of the Fulani terrorists that have been terrorizing Biafrans must never be alleged on IPOB. It is just unfortunate that the media houses and the security agencies are deeply compromised, and always turn blind eye on the the real criminals.

Self determination is a human right. It is never a crime in any sane society, not even in insane Nigeria, because Nigeria herself is a product of self determination, and a signatory to the African and international charter on human and people's rights. Anyone who thinks that he or she can frighten IPOB into abandoning the agitation for Biafra restoration, should sincerely re-think. We have come to restore Biafra, and nothing in existence can stop us.

The western allies of Nigeria, who are better informed that the hate ravaged Buhari, knows the truth. And the truth remains that IPOB right from inception does not engage in vandalization of anything. The movement has remained peaceful even at the provocation. 



Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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