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Unending Reign of Terror in Awka Anambra

Unending Reign of Terror in Awka.  Insecurity in Awka, the capital of Anambra state has reached a worrisome crescendo, especially with all t...

Unending Reign of Terror in Awka. 

Insecurity in Awka, the capital of Anambra state has reached a worrisome crescendo, especially with all the 33 villages of Awka under siege by criminals who hide under the guise of cultism to commit all kinds of heinous crimes such as serial killings, armed robbery and kidnapping within the town.


While it seems security agencies are overwhelmed despite measures by the state government and local vigilantes, BTL Intelligence reports that the incessant tales of killings, abduction and even beheading, have turned the once vibrant Town into a shadow of itself...


Late Mr Nonso Okafor

A thorough investigation reveals that all the 33 villages that make up Awka are now the strong base of the criminals.  Gun-totting young men operate freely not just in the Town, but they also entered some neighbouring towns like Amawbia, Nibo, Okpuno and Amansea etc where they harbour and from where they come out to conduct operations in Awka.


They operate freely, killing at will, abducting many, and snatching vehicles for their operations. Land grabbers and criminals Take Advantage of the current cult killings in Awka to murder their opposition in the community, this is a case study of the Assassination of the chief security officer of Umudiaba community in Nkwelle village, Awka who was murdered by some criminals sent by one barrister Fifty Akonam Ogbonnaya because of the disputes and antagonism in his community between him and the late Vigilante chief.


On 1st June 2022, The Vigilante head of Nkwelle village in awka was murdered, along with two of his colleagues, Many attributed the attack to Cultism, but thorough investigation revealed that it was an assassination plotted by one Barrister fifty Akonam Ogbonnaya, who has been terrorising Nkwelle community for years, which some youths later rose up against him, among the youths, he sees Mr Nonso Okafor as one of his biggest threat in the community as he always opposes him even when Chinonso the chief security arrests some of Barr fifty Akonam boys, Barr Akonam Ogbonna usually call them to release any thief or cultist caught within the community at night because they were his gang. This which Chinonso Okafor always oppose and Many times, Barrister Akonam threatened The Chief Security of Umudiaba,  Mr Chinoluo(Nonso) Okafor and boasted of handling more sophisticated guns than them.


He boasted that he will bring more of his gangs to terrorise the community and he will personally make sure he snatch their guns at night if they fail to heed to his directive. Many times, Nonso and his vigilante group have confronted Akonam in a fierce manner and the feud has been going on for years and the said barrister Akonam told Mr Nonso Okafor that he will kill him and all the vigilantes in Nkwelle part of Awka if they continue to challenge and oppose him and his gangs

Although, some cultists once looked for Nonso some years back but those group of people has been killed by their rival group and now Barrister Akonam wants to use the opportunity to eliminate Nonso so as for people to hip the blame on cultists because of the current cult killings in awka.


The murder of Nonso Okafor was long-planned, pre-mediated in a way that there will be no trace as all fingers will be pointed at cultists, thereby diverting people's attention. Eyewitnesses confirmed to 'BTL Intelligence' that the killers came with superior firearms which Akonam boasted severally to use to overpower and kill Nonso Okafor and his security men. He murdered Nonso Okafor (whose photo is attached to this post) because he has been a threat to him and his gangs.


And So that he can further Intimidate his community freely unopposed, It was also gathered that Nonso has many pending court cases against him over land-related disputes. In Nkwelle Awka, the conscience of most of the young and elderly people in the community has been bought with money as the said man is very influential in the community and shares money to many people in the community to cover all his evil deeds some are too scared to speak up or out of indifference. But for how long will you all be silent while your people continue to be killed in the most cruel and barbaric manner?? Barr fifty Akonam Ogbonnaya and his gang must be confronted now before they exterminate the whole Community!


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