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EBUBEAGU: Why Was This Formation Made, And Why Has It Brought So Much Sorrow To The People?

 EBUBEAGU: Why Was This Formation Made, And Why Has It Brought So Much Sorrow To The People? The reoccurring ugly incident in Imo State, whe...

 EBUBEAGU: Why Was This Formation Made, And Why Has It Brought So Much Sorrow To The People?

The reoccurring ugly incident in Imo State, where the so called security operatives, Ebubeagu has continued to kill the indigenes of the state without provocation, has grown so disturbingly high and needs to be questioned. The latest of them is the current news about the sad murder of 14 innocent Imo youths that went for a wedding.

Why exactly was this Ebubeagu group formed? Were they formed to kill and intimidate, or to safeguard the Biafran people? Were they formed by fellows that have Biafrans at heart, or by Fulani stooges disguising as Igbo elites?

It is admittable that Biafrans were at a woeful security condition in their own land, at the hands of marauding Fulani terrorists that disguised as herdsmen. But this was exactly why the leader of the Indigenious People Of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu formed Eastern Security Network(ESN). ESN fervently fought the Fulani terrorists to a stand-sill, ended Fulani menaces in Biafraland, enabled Biafra farmers to return to their farms again. Extending full support to ESN could have availed the land of total and absolute security. Why was that not done? Why did the politicians institute a different security outfit?

It is also important to note that the IPOB leader decided to launch ESN for the protection of Biafraland because, those that called themselves leaders of the east refused to do so, even when it was several suggested to them by IPOB. They never cared that Fulani terrorists were rapping, killing, and burning properties in the land. It was rather after Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had launched ESN to protect Biafra land that they decided to launch Ebubeagu. And considering that the core jobs of Ebubeagu has majorly been to try kill ESN operatives, and kill those that are suspected supporters of ESN and IPOB, one is persuaded to question the motive of those that created Ebubeagu.

Dave Umahi and Hope Uzodimma, the governors of Ebonyi State and Imo State respectively, spearheaded the creation of this disguised terrorists outfit, called Ebubeagu. And up till now, I am yet to see these governors tell the people why Ebubeagu have never performed the critical function of contending with Fulani invaders, which they claimed it was the purpose of forming the outfit. Since they were formed, I have not heard that they went into the bush to chase away the Fulani herdsmen who are terrorising and raping our mothers and sisters. What they are busy doing on the streets and markets around Ebonyi and Imo States is killing, intimidating and terrorising people.

Also, while ESN operatives are in the bushes day and night, fighting the Fulani terrorists in the land, Ebubeagu operatives are being used by these politicians to fight their political opponents, kill persons they suspect to be supporters of IPOB, kill young Biafran men that could be useful for the defense of the land against the cruelty of the enemies.

It important that we inform the public that these Fulani stooge foot soldiers(Ebubeagu) are recruited to fight against IPOB and ESN, and pave way for easy Islamization of Biafraland. The earlier we know this and. arise to support IPOB, the better for us all.

May the souls if  those  killed by Ebubeagu operatives hunt their killers, and those that formed the group and continue to work against the enemies of Biafra.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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