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Key points why Kuje Prison terror attack was masterminded by Nigeria govt and why Nnamdi Kanu Must be transferred to East Without Delay

Key points why Kuje Prison terror attack was masterminded by Nigeria govt and why Nnamdi Kanu Must be transferred to East Without Delay  Maz...

Key points why Kuje Prison terror attack was masterminded by Nigeria govt and why Nnamdi Kanu Must be transferred to East Without Delay 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) has unarguably been the most talked about freedom fighter in the whole worldwide, since 2012. The Nigerian government have long subjected him to different unimaginable tortures, including the invasion of his home that led to the death of over 28 persons. This traumatic scene of this invasion also led to the death of Nnamdi's both parents. 

The only crime of the IPOB leader is that he is asking the Nigeria government and the world leaders to let his people(Biafrans) exercise their right to live independently in a freed Biafra Nation, via a referendum. Hence the reason he was again kidnaped in Kenya and extraordinarily reditioned to Nigeria, and has been agonizingly detained at the Department of State Security(DSS)'s facility, Abuja.

But, according to an ancient Igbo proverb, "When the wind blows, it exposes the fowl's anus."

The recent disturbing news of terrorists' attack on the Kuje prison facility in Abuja is a wind stirred by the Nigeria government itself, but it conversely has just blown open their secret.

A follow-up intelligence report gathered by IPOB, shows that the attack was planned and executed by the Nigeria government, so as not to leave any trace behind when such occur at the DSS detention facility, housing the ‘delicate’ Nnamdi Kanu.

From the report, the federal government withdrew all the heavily armed military and police men that were placed on various checkpoints leading to the facility; including majority of the security men within the Kuje premises. The only few that were left behind in total disarray, were those they consider their lives less important, probably because they are from the southern region. 

The massive withdrawal happened during the day of Tuesday July 5th while the attack took place later in night of same day. The attack which lasted for about four(4) uninterrupted hours made some young security men sacrifice their lives to the mind-game played by the same government they chose to defend.

After the attack, the terrorists went away with their members who had been held in the prison by the government, and also took other inmates into the forest to initiate and induct into terrorism.

And bellow are key thoughts:

If the Kuje prison attack was not carried out as planned by the government, why then were all the security men; including police, DSS and army on checkpoints withdrawn the same day of the attack? If it was not carried out as planned, those terrorists could never have met Abba Kyari(the high profiled and disgraced Deputy Commissioner of Police) in prison without killing or abducting him, and without even leaving a bruise on his skin. 

The terrorists left the high profiled individuals and took away those with low background. If it was not carried out as planned, how then were they able to differentiate the high profiled men from the low ones? Probably, before the attack, they have previously been invited, walked in and around the detention facility and were shown the cocks and the hens, or that they were even handed the pictures of the high profile inmates. If it was not carried out as planned, why did they not deploy at least one of the 12 Tucano aircrafts they spent billions of dollars to acquire from the United States between June and August 2021?

This is their plan: They want to attack Nnamdi Kanu in prison and get him killed, since they did not succeed in Kenya on June 19-29, 2021 when they abducted him. And though they have renditioned him to Nigeria and fruitlessly frustrated him through postponement of empty suits in court, they cannot still find a means to tamper with his life. It is the reason they have decided to use terrorism as a means to eliminate him. 

And it is therefore on this note that IPOB is demanding that Onyendu, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu be transferred to any detention facility in Igbo land, far away from the claws of the jihad terrorists. Because it is only a tree that heard that it was going to be cut down and still stood.

IPOB have warned, and it is expedient that Nigeria government heeds the kind warning.



Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Okechukwu Chucks

For Family Writers Press International.


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