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Letter To World Leaders: Act Faster, Lives Are At Risk In Nigeria

 Letter To World Leaders: Act Faster, Lives Are At Risk In Nigeria Sirs and Madams, It is with utmost sence of importance and the deep love ...

 Letter To World Leaders: Act Faster, Lives Are At Risk In Nigeria

Sirs and Madams,

It is with utmost sence of importance and the deep love we the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) have for human lives that I am writing this letter, requesting that you act faster to save the lives of innocent people in Nigeria, especially prisoners entrapped in various prisons and detention facilities by the Nigeria federal government in Abuja. Amongst these innocent prisoners is the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The need for your intervention is more, now that the Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorist groups which were previously fought by the Nigeria military in Forests, are now being fought in the country's capital city, Abuja.

Following the terrorists threat to stage a deadly attack towards capturing the Nigeria state capital, Abuja, the government have closed all schools and vacated the students to go back to their parents and guardians.

Sirs and Madams, residents in Abuja are leaving. Top politicians are leaving, businesses are closing and the city is gradually becoming a "ghost city" as nobody wants to experience such an attack.

It is on this basic that I write this letter, requesting that the African Union, United Nations and the European Union act faster, to save the lives of Nigeria citizens entrapped by its own government in the state. Because the Nigeria government cannot deny being complicit in the creation of these terrorists in the country. It is also on record that this government have paid ransoms to the terrorists, enabling the terrorists to acquire heavier fire-arms than that of the Nigeria military. What this means is that when this raging terror is leached, not even the military can stop them from taking control of Abuja like the Afghanistan Talibans did.

A people that want to fight terrorism in their land must first block the terrorists the access of acquiring weapons and recruiting fighters. In the case of Nigeria, it is the opposite.

In the past, we have observed with sadness how the government since 2015 left Nigeria schools in the north at the mercy of the terrorist attacks, including prison facilities as recently happened in Kuje, Abuja. kidnappings, attacking, breaking prisons and kidnapping the inmates are their sources of recruitment in Nigeria.

This is why I joined in the call for the immediate withdrawal of these prisoners from this risky area. Majority of these prisoners are not even guilty of the accusations against them, and the government has not been just to charge them to court, to give them chance to defend themselves. 

We have seen reports in the past where some soldiers claimed that Nigeria government ordered them not to kill the terrorists, but capture them and bring them alive. Many of them that were captured, including those that willingly but deceitfully surrendered, were refurnished and reintegrated into the society, and many into the Nigeria army. It is also documented that President Muhammadu Buhari said that "an attack on Boko-Haram terrorists is an attack on North". Buhari made this statement during his 2015 presidential  campaign, So far, we have seen evidences to prove that this present administration of Nigeria was the creator, and is still the sponsors of terrorism in the country, aiding them to overrun the nation and forcefully impose Islam and its sharia law on other religious faithfuls. Almost "one third" of Abuja residents now, are Boko Haram spies who migrated from the forest. Their job is to signal their members and detail them of when and where to attack.

On this note, I enjoin the millions of Biafrans, and the men and women of good conscience worldwide to demand the immediate release of Nnamdi Kanu, and every other detainees in Abuj

Yours Faithful, 

 Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Writer, Family Writers Press International. 


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