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The Endless Fund-Raising and the surge of Criminality in Biafra land

 The Endless Fund-Raising and the surge of Criminality in Biafra land  The southeast region(Biafraland) has been in severe pains resulting f...

 The Endless Fund-Raising and the surge of Criminality in Biafra land 

The southeast region(Biafraland) has been in severe pains resulting from the horrific activities of Ebubeagu, a terrorist formation disguised as security operatives, formed by southeast governors. The entire region has been left in total chaos since Ebubeagu's formation.

Before now, the Biafran territory had only suffered from the onslaughts of armed Fulani herders who raped, killed, harassed Biafrans and tried to take over Biafra forests, bushes, farmlands and to stop farmers from going to their farms. But this was extensively curtailed by the Eastern Security Network(ESN), a brave security formation instituted by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB).

This success by the ESN could have continued and restored total peace to Biafraland, but the southeast governors intentionally stepped in to thwart them. And it is currently only the persistency of IPOB and ESN that still avails the region of the little peace it enjoys now.

These governors of the southeast began their agenda with duplicate strategies. One is the formation of Ebubeagu which was aimed at destroying ESN. Another is the creation of many politically sponsored groups to counter the peaceful activities of IPOB. And it is on record that Dave Umahi, the Governor of Ebonyi State said "groups may emerge in the southeast to counter the secessionist agitations of the IPOB" Umahi made this statement on Wednesday, 6th October, 2021. 

And since then, all hell has been let loosed on IPOB. Joint armed forces comprising Military, Police and Ebubeagu has been daily finding ESN members to arrest and kill. And because they cannot find the well trained men of the ESN, they resorted to killing every young man they find on the territory of Biafra, tagging them "ESN members". They arrest Biafran young women too for so much dumb reasons of "being suspected sisters to IPOB and ESN members".

While the armed sects of the agendists agents are in this on Biafraland, another group of infiltrators who claims to love Nnamdi Kanu are on different social media platforms, fighting from the diaspora to take over the leadership of IPOB, the Directorate Of States (DOS). They unleashed and still continues to unleash countless unverifiable accusations on the DOS, and cruelly fights anyone that stand with DOS.

These infiltrators also fought and are still fighting to crumble the funding of IPOB and ESN. They scam many Biafrans with countless fundraisings that are never accounted for, and which never gets to the ESN that Nnamdi Kanu formed. They even went as far as recruiting political thugs (who were already made available by the politicians), funding them to kidnap Biafrans for ransoms or outrightly kill their victims, then tag it on ESN. That is how we watch the template Umahi hinted on, playing out.

So, for clarity, there is no single difference between Ebubeagu and those who claim to be freedom fighters, who continues to engage in kidnapping for ransoms, snatching of cars and selling them at cheap rates, raping Biafran women, killing innocent people who refusese to pay them money or can not afford the demanded amount. These set of criminals in the name of freedom fighters are the same with terrorist Ebubeagu. They are the ones IPOB is now contending with in Biafraland. But despite all odds, they shall all be continually fought until victory is attained. They are nothing but notorious criminals on Biafra soil, and the land shall swallow them.

If you observed since the incidence in Awo Omamma, were Ebubeagu killed 14 young men that went to a wedding, these infiltrators have equally started rearing their ugly heads to get sympathy for that same havoc their fellow agents committed, calling for funds to support ESN. And if I may ask, what have they achieved with all the millions of dollars they have raised? These demon incarnates have only faced innocent Biafra people with threats and death, kidnapping them and demanding ransoms. Have they for ones confronted Fulani herdsmen? They rather use all the money they raise against innocent Biafrans.

We know what is happening in Biafra, not everything will be said on social media. The little security we enjoyed in Biafra land is the handwork of IPOB DOS. We know how IPOB confront enemies despite that these criminals blocked ESN money in USA.

This is why Biafrans have to wake up and devotedly give their Supports to IPOB, DOS and ESN. The enemies are huge, but the land of Biafra will swallow them all. 

Family Writers Press International .

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