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Election And Referendum: The Deceit And The Truth

 Election And Referendum: The Deceit And The Truth For the sake of time, I will not want to start analysing the diversely unique virtues and...

 Election And Referendum: The Deceit And The Truth

For the sake of time, I will not want to start analysing the diversely unique virtues and vices that are differently and willingness respected by each of the many entrapped nations in Nigeria. But, permit me to remind you that "no nation thrives on varied value systems". And Nigeria cannot be a difference.

To those who still thinks that Nigeria is salvageable, please know that 'the only path to true nationality for all indigenous peoples in the British contraption(Nigeria), is to go their separate ways'. You might argue this. But of course, it is because you have swallowed the deceit that refuses to allow you accept that election or good presidential candidate is not the solution to Nigeria's problem. Nigeria is never structured to protect the interests, or provide desired development to the Indigenous peoples. And this will continue to be so, as long as the union remains. The quest for referendum is a just one; only which can provide and preserve cultural and developmental structures for citizens. Continuing to manage one-Nigeria for the next one million years, cannot give this to you.

Also, to those that are vigorously campaigning and calling for the collection of the Nigeria Permanent Voters' Card(PVC), why have you all not bothered to ask how the same PVCs disappears from the Offices of the electoral commission, and are seen in drainages, uncompleted buildings and in the bushes? Millions of the cards, especially those bearing the names of easterners have been recently seen in such mentioned strange places. Why are these same campaigners not asking the Nigerian government to get the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) to account for such cards? If these PVCs are not available to those who have even registered to collect, how are they expected to vote. And how will registered citizens that are unable to collect their PVCs be accredited?

In same vein, have you cared to ask 'why INEC is hell bent on reverting to manual collection of the votes cast'? Do you know they may be deliberately throwing away cards in a bid to achieve this? Have asked if it could be that they want to use this manual collection to inflate the northern votes, so as to rig the election?

Now, if this be the case, how do you; 'a concerned Nigerian and election campaigner' forestall the helpless situation? What are the factors the youths have put in place to ensure that the Nigerian military does not impose insecurity within voting centres? What measures have those campaigning for PVC registration provided to stall manual voting in the north? Or, will there be one method used for accreditation in the South, and a different one in the north? The answers to these questions should trigger your consciousness, if truly you can reason. But, if there is nothing you think you can do, then why do you continue to deceive yourself into thinking that Nigeria will become better?

Finally, all you campaigners for one Nigeria might necessary still need to revert the undisputable fact that 'there is no pathway for unity in the country'. In fact, there was never one. So, Nigeria can never be a workable union. Nigeria is, and will ever remain a tool for the agendist to subjugate and impose terror on innocent civilian population. If the EndSARS did not expose the Nigerian youth to the fact that Nigeria is a grave yard, maybe the 2023 election will. Then will the needed spark for all indigenous peoples to collectively demand for the dissolution of Nigeria, be created.

The earlier Nigerians recover from the deceit of election and one-Nigerianism, and accept the unbiased truth of referendum, the better for all.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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